They’re back! Elk return to cause traffic trouble on I-80

SALT LAKE CITY — A large herd of elk made a return appearance to Salt Lake City’s east bench on Wednesday, once again causing traffic headaches along Interstate 80.

The Utah Department of Transportation warned drivers just before 9 am that the herd was near the I-80/I-215 interchange. The herd later split, meaning not all the elk were being protected by traffic control.

Video showed the elk walking along I-80 before crossing the highway and heading east of Foothill Drive.

Eventually, the herd made it above Foothill Drive and made it to the top of the mountains, but officials said there may be a few stragglers and advised residents to use caution.

Video below from UDOT cameras shows the herd gathering near I-80

All roads and highways have since returned to being fully operational.

The incident recalled a similar situation last Thursday where another large herd of about 60 elk forced delays along I-80 during rush hour traffic.

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