Letter: Have we been duped about Great Salt Lake? | News, Sports, Jobs

Are we being duped to save water for the Great Salt Lake? I am very disappointed in the governor, state offices and the BLM. Saving the GSL has been paramount. The question is? Are we saving water for the lake ecology? Or for the mines? The media hardly mentions lithium. Our state is experiencing a lithium rush. Large mining companies are submitting paperwork for leases of thousands of acres of GSL Salt Flats, and Bonneville Salt Flats and water shares. The US magnesium company has developed a process to separate the magnesium metal from the carbonates and salts. The Great Basin and the salt lake flats have one of the largest deposits of Lithium in the world. Lithium metal is used to make Lithium Ion batteries. They are used in cellphones, tools, electric cars. The demand for lithium far exceeds the supply. Mines will flood thousands of acres of shallow ponds, use solar energy for evaporation and extract the lithium from the salt. Millions of gallons of GSL water will be used. Yet we the citizens of the great Basin must suffer so the rich mining companies can get richer. Shame on you Governor, Legislature, speaker of the house and the BLM, for duping us. The real reason for doing this is MONEY!

Dennis Dalton



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