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State Patrol online survey

Dear Editor:

Colorado is amazing and so are the people who live, work and play here. As the Chief of the Colorado State Patrol I have the honor of leading a statewide law enforcement agency that provides many services and programs in an effort to make our communities safe, particularly our roadways.

Every two years we launch a public survey to answer a simple question, “How are we doing?” We want to ensure that our members and our organization are providing Colorado with the best service and support as we fulfill our mission to save lives. We also want to ensure we are living up to our core values ​​of honor, duty and respect.

The online survey is open from Oct. 3 to Oct. 31, 2022. Please accept my personal invitation to complete the survey by visiting www.cspsurvey.com.

Through your candid feedback, I and all the Colorado State Patrol members can better understand how well we are serving you, your family, your friends and your communities.

We want to know how safe you feel about traveling on Colorado’s highways, the professionalism of our members and our services at the State Patrol. Your answers will help us better understand our strengths and our opportunities for improvement, now and in the future.

Completing this survey takes 5-10 minutes. We appreciate you taking the time.

This is a state-wide survey, so the more people who participate the more insight we will have moving forward. Ideally, by the end, we will have feedback from every region around this diverse state. Please share the link to this survey with your friends and family.

Thank you in advance for your participation. Your feedback is important to me and drives changes for the future at the Colorado State Patrol.


Colonel Matthew C Packard

Chief, Colorado State Patrol

SBS seniors support Lukens

Dear Editor:

Meghan Lukens changed my view of history, and she is the right representative for HD-26

While you may know Meghan Lukens as a candidate for the Colorado House of Representatives, I know her as a kind, empathetic, and intelligent teacher. Ms Lukens has an exceptional ability to understand and teach history, its impacts, and how it affects our world today. After taking her World History class, her other students and I stopped viewing history as a series of isolated events and began to understand the complex cause and effect relationships that lead to the world we have today. This understanding of far-reaching impacts is vital to making effective policy and predicting what it will do for the people of Colorado.

I believe she is the right candidate for HD 26. In addition to her intelligence, her ability to lead comes from her empathy and understanding, which were clearly demonstrated in her classroom. She clearly understood the emotions, motivations, and struggles of every one of her students, and put in hours of her own time outside the classroom to address them, making every student feel capable and like they belonged. Rather than being hindered by a class full of students with different political, economic, and academic backgrounds, she used this diversity to spark discussion and build a deeper understanding of the content.

Our classroom functioned as a microcosm for HD 26, and Ms. Lukens proved that she can lead a diverse community empathetically and effectively. As a member of the Colorado House of Representatives, she will use this empathy to address everyone’s point of view, not just her own partisan agenda. She will put policy into place that benefits our entire community, and make sure everyone has a voice in the matter. My experience in her classroom has shown me that she truly cares about making Colorado a better place and has the skills and dedication to do it.


Thomas Cooper, Margaux Shea, Alexa Brabec, Jack Vincent, Ruby May, Olivia Hale, Sophie Vertrees, Kayla O’Brien, Allie Keefe, Jeremy Nolting, Hamptyn Meadows, Rylee McLouth, Reina Bomberski, Colin Kagan, Jeffrey Hubler, Salvadore Malone, Dylan Gormley

Seniors at Steamboat Springs High School

Thanks for annual memorial support

Dear Editor:

The family of Nick Lancaster would like to thank the Panther football coaching staff: Ryan Wilkie, Keenan LeBleu and Gabe Polley and the entire 2022 Panther football team for hosting the fifth annual Nick Lancaster Memorial Football Game. A huge thank you to Justyne Peters of Heifer Gang Clothing for designing and Sylvia Dembowski of Get Your Stitch On for making the swag for the game and for generously donating a portion of all merchandise sales to the Bleed Green Lancaster #17 Foundation five years in a row! You ladies continue to outdo yourselves! Also, thanks to Jeff “Buck” LeBleu for being the voice of Panther football and delivering Nick’s family’s message each year. We can’t think of anyone Nick would rather have! A special thanks to Gary and Kathy Staley of Sweetbriar for selling Bleed Green Lancaster #17 merchandise in their store. Also, thanks to Jason Kurrasch and Baker Hughes for feeding the teams and making extra teriyaki bowls for the rest of us to enjoy, too. We would like to give a very heartfelt thank you to Beth Schofield for all the work that she does for the Foundation behind the scenes as well as on the website and the flyers for the game and for always making the trip to be here in person to support us! Thanks to Memorial Game supporters Marvin and Becky Noel, Casey and Karen Wilder, Tim and Julie Bockelman, the Mullen family in memory of Becky Lane, as well as the family of Matt Grenfell. A tremendous thank you to Classic Air Medical out of Vernal, Utah, for delivering the game ball via helicopter. What an amazing memory for the football team as well as the entire community! Thanks to Coach Wilkie and Coach Keenan for arranging that — to have the Panther in the #17 jersey coming off the chopper was something that there are truly no words to describe the emotions that we felt! A final thank you to all the businesses, friends, family, extended family, classmates and Panther football fans who have donated to the Bleed Green Lancaster #17 Foundation. The support and generosity of this community is unmatched.

Bleed Green!

The Family of Nick Lancaster

And the Bleed Green Lancaster #17 Foundation

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