Mental Health Resources Identified in Sanpete County | News from Sanpete County, Utah

Emotional and mental health care was a key topic at the North Sanpete Coalition meeting on August 2nd. Guest speaker Julie Varner, Senior Community Health Specialist, Intermountain Healthcare, came from Provo to address the coalition. Varner outlined existing IHC programs and, more importantly, shared with the group how to address a community in crisis due to mental health problems.

Currently, the Sanpete Valley Hospital mental health hotline (833 442-2211) directs callers to mental health resources, virtual telemedicine options, and mental health providers in Sanpete County. Callers can receive information, recommendations, and guidance for specific needs for themselves or for family members, including minor children.

Varner also spoke of working with IHC to implement UNITE US in clinics and with social service providers across the country. UNITE US is a digital platform that connects caregivers with the resources they need to complete the circle of patient support beyond healthcare. Unite Us explains, “Our team is standardizing how health and social care providers communicate with one another and track results together. We bring all stakeholders from healthcare, government, and the community together toward a common goal of improving health. Our proven infrastructure offers both a person-centered platform for coordinating care as well as a practical process of community engagement; We work hand in hand with communities to ensure that services are seamlessly delivered to the people who need them most. ”

Originally viewed as a direct result of the COVID crisis, Sanpete County’s health professionals are now seeing long-term mental instability, caused in part by the uncertainty of a new (and questionable) normal. Feeling isolated, useless, and / or invisible is critical to psychological instability and addiction. Financial insecurity, food insecurity and housing insecurity also undermine the emotional stability of those at risk.

The North Sanpete Coalition is a group of citizens from the public sector, private corporations, and beyond working to make our community a better place to live. The coalition meets every first Monday of the month in the town hall in Mt. Noon. The next meeting is September 13th (postponed by one week due to the holidays on Labor Day). Concerned Sanpete County citizens are invited to join in an effort to make a difference.

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