Ogden PD: ‘Secure Your Guns’ PSA — don’t leave ’em in the car please, and easy on the NRA stickers

Video Still: Ogden Police Department

OGDEN, Utah, Jan. 9, 2023 (Gephardt Daily) — The Ogden Police Department has announced a public service campaign to get people to lock up their guns.

“The Ogden Police Department and police departments nationwide have seen a drastic increase in stolen handguns,” OPD Chief Eric Young writes in a post Monday on social media.

“Most handgun thefts occur by handguns being left unsecured in a vehicle. The Ogden City Police Department is launching a Public Service Announcement campaign via our social media outlets (https://youtu.be/KVCUssqxT7o). Please join us in spreading the word to ‘SECURE YOUR GUNS.’”

The 3-minute video produced by the department stresses not leaving guns in vehicles, from which 52 percent of gun thefts occur.

It also advises against attaching NRA stickers or other gun messages on vehicles, which invite criminals to prowl them for weapons.

Criminal use stolen firearms like currency, the video notes.

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