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Hammer handcuffs police arrested camp

OGDEN – An arrest warrant was issued against an Ogden man believed to have fled to California when police investigated alleged long-term sexual abuse of three young girls.

Weber County prosecutors on Wednesday filed six charges, including child rape, serious child sexual abuse, and child sodomy, all first degree crimes and voyeurism for offenses against Jake Ryan Flaherty, 35.

Flaherty allegedly molested the girls, all under the age of 15, in incidents eight years ago and through September this year, according to a likely statement from Ogden Police. One girl said during an interview at the child justice center that she did not know the alleged acts were wrong because Flaherty “told her it was not wrong”.

Flaherty had a position of trust with the girls, according to indictment documents.

When police went to Flaherty’s home with a search warrant on September 30, he was absent and has not returned, the probable cause said the statement. A detective reported that a Flaherty acquaintance in Corona, Calif., Said Tuesday that Flaherty arrived there on Sunday. The acquaintance said he would not let Flaherty stay, but he believed the man was still in California.


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