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This is Derek Miller talking about the business. On Friday, November 19, the Salt Lake Chamber is hosting its 45th annual Women & Business Conference and the ATHENA Awards Luncheon. Trina Limpert, the CEO & founder of RizeNext, will be one of our speakers. Here is some of what Trina will share.


RizeNext was founded in 2018 with a vision to help organizations move from awareness to action on diversity, equity and inclusion. We call it DEI for short. We have also developed robust DEI frameworks to help companies incorporate best practices into their business. Our strategy makes it easier for companies to align their teams and track impact within organizations and communities.

We are excited to share our “experience first” approach to DEI strategy at the upcoming Salt Lake Chamber Women & Business Conference on November 19th. We will also be hosting a DEI panel with Dominion Energy at the Salt Lake Chamber Diversity Summit on November 4th. Join us there to learn how to make your own impact and follow us on RizeNext on social media.

Learn more about our one-day DEI strategy workshops and our growing ecosystem of DEI solution providers and educators at


To learn more from Trina Limpert and other leaders, please contact the Salt Lake Chamber and inquire about attending the Diversity Summit on November 4th and the Utah Women & Business Conference on November 19th. I’m Derek Miller, from the Salt Lake Chamber, and I speak for business.

This press release was prepared by the Salt Lake Chamber. The views expressed are the author’s own views.

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