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This is Derek Miller talking about the business. Over 152,000 people now work in Utah’s high-tech industry, and Utah’s technology-related employment is expected to grow faster this year than any other state. Here is Paul Ahlstrom, the founder of TechBuzz News.


Utah’s high-tech industry began in 1965 when David Evans left UC Berkley and started the computer science faculty at the University of Utah. Today, Salt Lake City residents have more high-tech degrees per capita than many other major cities, and Utah is home to well-known companies like Angel Studios,, Owlet Baby Care, and many more.

TechBuzz News highlights important things that are happening in the Utah startup community. Visit to read about breaking stories like the three-part series about the Polynesian tech entrepreneurs in Utah or Brandon Fugal’s recent investment in reviving the woolly mammoth. Yes, you heard that right. Or specific news about Utah’s tech companies.

TechBuzz has it all. We are a Utah-based news agency that collects news about the Utah technology sector through our own website at and distributes it to individuals and other news organizations. Visit us and subscribe to our newsletter or read about us through our syndication partners.


For information on Utah’s technology sector, visit and sign up for the newsletter. Paul and his team report on the emerging tech talents in Utah and their companies. I’m Derek Miller, from the Salt Lake Chamber, and I speak for business.

This press release was prepared by the Salt Lake Chamber. The views expressed are the author’s own views.

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