Salt Lake City Council candidate claims to be target of politically charged vandalism

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – A Salt Lake City Council candidate claims to be a victim of politically charged vandalism. Nigel Swaby is running for Salt Lake City Second District Residents.

Swaby believes he is being targeted for remarks he made during a city council meeting related to police funding and neighborhood developments.

“Try explaining to a six-year-old why your house is being painted overnight,” said Swaby.

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Swaby told ABC4 that he has been attacked for having different opinions than others.

“I went to Lagoon with my daughter yesterday morning for her birthday and when I came back there were two slogans with my name sprayed on the fence,” said Swaby.

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Graffiti claiming he was a racist and he “hated poor people” covered his fence on Sunday morning.

“For someone to say something like that to me … has no real basis,” said Swaby.

The graffiti comes just a day after he claims he found a tire on his lawn.

“You definitely don’t want me to be elected to the city council. They think I’m a contractor, I’m not a … I’m a real estate agent, “said Swaby.

Swaby is running for a seat on Salt Lake City Council. However, he said he had recently been a victim of harassment for what he said at city council meetings.

“One of the things I made to the Planning Commission was that I wished it was a ‘for sale’ project instead of all the rents that are hurting many people in Salt Lake City,” said Swaby.

He also claims his view on police funding fueled the fire.

“It was about a month ago that Salt Lake City was considering hiring career changers for its budget, and I spoke out in favor of it. I think Salt Lake City needs more police, not less, ”said Swaby.

Swaby didn’t want to name the group he believes was behind the vandalism.

“They are definitely part of the free speech ecosystem. But when you go from an organized protest to graffiti on a house that you disagree with, I think you’ve crossed the line, ”said Swaby.

Despite fears of being targeted again, he said he would not give in.

“That won’t work. I’m not going to stop running for the second ward because my fence is some paint,” said Swaby.

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