Salt Lake City Police arrest person loitering at City Creek shopping center

According to a press release, Salt Lake City police arrested a person who was believed to have owned a firearm in downtown City Creek on Friday.

A unified police officer was doing an overtime security shift at the center when he notified the SLCPD at around 1:20 p.m. of a person loitering on the premises who might be in possession of a firearm, the statement said.

The security forces gave the person a formal break-in report, but the person returned to the mall for the second time later that day, police said. The person made statements to security that they had access to a weapon, the statement said. Security officers then notified the single police officer, who turned to the SLCPD to arrest the person.

SLCPD officials said the person, a 31-year-old from Texas, was arrested without incident and taken into custody at the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building. During the investigation, the officers seized a firearm, the message says.

The person’s intent is still under investigation, police said, and criminal charges are pending. The identity of the person and the type of firearm they allegedly owned are not disclosed at this time.

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