The newly improved Flaming Gorge marina is now ready

SALT LAKE CITY – A $ 1.2 million project to install over 30 boat ramps in the Lucerne Valley Marina in the Flaming Gorge Reservoir is now complete, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) announced Tuesday.

The work was the first in Utah to be funded by a boat infrastructure grant.

The project included the installation of two new ADA-compliant moorings for transit boats (boats that anchor in the marina for at least one night). One of these facilities has 14 berths for 26 to 30 foot boats and access to electricity and water supplies. The other dock has 10 slips for boats up to 36 feet and 11 slips for long-term storage of large boats. A wave damper was also installed to protect the new docking facilities and the boats stored there.

The project was planned and designed in 2018 and the manufacture of the docking systems began in June 2020. The last installations were completed in September 2021.

“The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources recognizes that the Flaming Gorge Reservoir is an incredible place enjoyed by boaters from all over Intermountain West,” said DWR Boating Access Coordinator Nathan Owens. “As boat visits to the reservoir have increased, it is important that boaters have facilities that will provide them with safe and enjoyable experiences. The Flaming Gorge Corporation, the Utah Boating Program (housed in the newly formed Utah Division of Recreation), the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Boating Infrastructure Grant program, and the Ashley National Forest have collaborated on this project to provide additional, safer overnight accommodation. Mooring for large boats that are used on the reservoir. “

Boating infrastructure grant projects are specifically designed for improvements that benefit temporary boats that are 26 feet long or longer. As a result, only large bodies of water like Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Bear Lake, and Lake Powell qualify for boating infrastructure grant projects.

“This project is a lifelong goal for Lucerne Valley Marina in Flaming Gorge,” said Jerry Taylor, President of Lucerne Valley Marina. “The new dock system and damper will not only meet the growing demand for permanent and temporary slippage, but will also protect our current five docks from strong wind and wave conditions. Our facility sees a third of all visitors to the Flaming Gorge, and this new project will improve the public’s experience. We are very happy and would like to thank all partners involved in this project. “

The grant totaled approximately $ 682,000 in funding from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, DWR, and the Utah Division of Recreation. An additional US $ 597,000 was donated by the Flaming Gorge Corporation to help improve the marina.

“These enhancements will help wave attenuation, boater access and protection for ships docked in slips, and will provide a safe haven for boaters who may encounter storms or unsafe waters,” said Ty Hunter, coordinator of the boating program for the Division of Recreation. “The improved toilets and sewage pumps are helping responsible boat owners keep our areas clean and safe. The partnerships that enable these types of improvements are important as they provide a positive experience for all types of water renewers. Ultimately, we all want that. “

DWR manages the Boating Access Grant Program for Utah, which funds projects such as boat ramps, marina parking, marina toilets, docks, and other improvements. Through a partnership with the Utah Division of Recreation, approximately $ 1.2 million annually is available for these improvements at various locations.

Boaters can contact the local agency that manages a body of water or email them [email protected] to propose possible project ideas to improve boat access.

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