Thomas Geboy leaves WKRG, going to Salt Lake City

MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) – See you later, Thomas.

Meteorologist Thomas Geboy insisted on using these three words so it would be a mistake for the WKRG family not to return them. We will definitely not say goodbye.

After more than five years on the Gulf Coast, Thomas is leaving WKRG to take up a position at KTVX, our sister station in Salt Lake City.

We guarantee that most WKRG staff will not be able to read this last sentence out loud without tears welling up inside them.

While some of these are tears of sadness, we also cry because we’re proud of what Thomas means to this newsroom and to this community.

From hurricane coverage to dog excursion predictions, Thomas has been a reliable presence across the weather spectrum.

We can’t tell you the number of times Thomas went on vacation and the phone rang asking viewers when he would be back. It’s a testament to how much he is connected to the community.

We’ll no doubt get more of these calls from viewers hoping to see Thomas again in the coming weeks.

But who knows? It’s no secret that Thomas loves Fasching and everything else the Gulf Coast has to offer. While we wish only the best to Thomas in Salt Lake City, something tells us this is far from being goodbye!

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