Vine Grove is considering potential salary increases for mayors and councilors | Local news

It’s been more than a dozen years since councilors and the Mayor of Vine Grove received a raise in excess of a raise in the cost of living that all of the city’s employees receive.

When they get one for the city’s next councilor, they’ll decide.

The topic was discussed in detail in the working session on Monday evening.

Mayor Pam Ogden said she believed the six council members and herself deserve a raise.

Ogden currently makes $ 31,078.60 per year and also receives medical benefits. Council members earn $ 3,644.52 and receive no benefits.

“I will convene on Saturdays, Sundays and nights,” said Ogden, who is in her first four-year term.

Ogden said the job has full-time duties that don’t match the salary.

“I do more than the average mayor,” she said. She said the city hall staff had been cut by two posts and there was no need to raise tax rates to raise salaries.

“The mayor is on call around the clock,” said Councilor Kathleen Sisco. “I see what you are doing compared to other mayors.”

Alderman Lonnie Dennis said in good conscience that he couldn’t support a pay rise as the city has faced so many financial challenges lately, such as tax hikes on rainwater and others.

“I don’t really want to take it over now,” said Dennis. “… I don’t think the timing is right.”

Councilor Kristofor King countered: “I feel like the timing has never been right in the past 12 years.”

According to the Kentucky League of Cities, cities with populations between 3,000 and 7,999 have salaries for mayors and councilors in

According to the Kentucky League of Cities, cities with populations between 3,000 and 7,999 vary significantly, with a mayor making $ 73,121, for example.

Ogden said she was realistic about pay increases and said she felt an increase of $ 5,000 or $ 6,000 would be appropriate for her position. She also owns a business.

An increase in salary would also likely attract the strongest candidates for future positions, said Ogden, who is seeking re-election.

Since Monday’s meeting was a working session, no action could be taken and whether the salary increases would come at a later date. However, any salary change would begin in 2023 when new terms begin for the council and mayor.

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