Where Is The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Mary M. Cosby?

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In Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City franchise, we learned about Mary Cosby’s unconventional marriage, her church, and the confusing chain of businesses. There was never a dull moment with Cosby on our television screens, but just as we were going to peak more into her life, she left the show. Mary Cosby skipped the Season 2 reunion in January 2022, and never looked back. But what has she been up to since?

Is She at Her Church?

In Season 2 of the show, Cosby’s costar, Whitney Rose, started to question the practices at her church, Faith Temple Pentecostal Church, even after she visited the church in Season 1 with her father, and didn’t question the environment at that time .

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During the season, Whitney Rose brought up rumors that Mary Cosby is running a cult. Another housewife, Lisa Barlow, spoke on camera with a former member of the church who claimed that Mary called herself God and the church is a cult. Mary fought throughout the season to deny the accusations.

Mary Cosby was given Faith Temple Pentecostal Church and became the First Lady—per her grandmother’s will—when she died. However, to inherit the fortune, homes, and church, Mary had to marry her grandmother’s second husband, Robert Cosby Sr., Mary’s step-grandfather. Strange, right?

Today, the status of Faith Temple Pentecostal Church is unclear. The church closed in January 2022, the same month as the RHOSLC reunion that Mary skipped. coincidence? Unfortunately, those rumors, and Mary’s poor relationships with her castmates, affected the reputation of her church, as the reviews on the internet are in shambles. On Yelp, the church has a one-star rating, and on Google, only 2.6 stars, with reviews pointing at the Housewives star being the downfall of the church.

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However, Cosby refuses to allow the rumors to take her down. She liked a tweet from October 2022 with a clip of preacher Jamal Bryant, Gizelle Bryant from Real Housewives of Potomac’s ex-husband. The tweet notes the way that Bryant preaches and how his congregation responds, that there is a mutual understanding in the church. “Notice the mannerisms of his preaching and the congregation? Ignorant #RHOSLC fans, it’s never to late to understand how different people praise and worship. Y’all did Mary wrong.”

Is She Still Friends With Her Former Costars?

Mary’s poor use of words also contributed to fans of the show and her castmates turning on her on the show. She has made racially insensitive comments on-air such as saying in Season 2 that one of the Asian cast members, Jennie Nguyen, had “nice slanted eyes” and also compared castmate Jen Shah to a “Mexican thug.” She apologized on Instagram for the Jen Shah comment. She also had a glass thrown at her by Nguyen in the Season 2 finale episode. The only housewife from her franchise that she seems to still have a stable relationship with is Meredith Marks, who consistently comments on her Instagram posts when the comments are turned on.

Is She Active on Social Media?

Cosby has become a sort of ghost on social media. Her Instagram posts switch from having the comments on and off, but when they’re on, it’s filled with people begging the First Lady to return to television. She also hasn’t tweeted since June 2022 but has continued to like posts about her time on the show and tweets about Real Housewives franchises including Atlanta and Beverly Hills. She also has liked posts accusing Andy Cohen of being anti-Black and the shows being racist toward Black women.

Maybe She’s Busy Running Her Businesses?

In the former housewife’s Instagram bio, there is a link to her business, Marimarta Perfumeria. As one would expect to find fragrances for purchase on the website, there are currently no perfumes for sale. Instead, the site is now called Mari Marta Couture with categories for women’s, men’s, and kid’s clothing and shoes, as well as accessories. There is also a tab for Women Helping Women in Business (WHWNB), a foundation meant to uplift women in business. The website is a jumble of all of Mary Cosby’s passions, without a clear mission. One of her storylines on the show was the creation of a podcast called Talking Facts with Mary. Although she was seen recording episodes on the show, the episodes have yet to be released.

What About Those Legal Troubles?

Another sticky situation that loomed over Cosby was misdemeanor charges in 2021 for allegedly providing shelter to a runaway and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The charges were brought against Mary when her son’s girlfriend stayed in her home when there was a misunderstanding being the girlfriend and her mother. Mary pleaded not guilty and in September 2022 the charges were dropped.

So… where is she?

The accused cult-leading First Lady, businesswoman (?), wife of her step-grandfather, and former housewife has a chaotic life to put it simply. So, where exactly is Mary M. Cosby now? According to her latest Instagram posts before Christmas, she’s laying low, with no sign of being at her church, no clear answers on the status of her businesses, but surely nowhere close to a Bravo filming set—at least anytime soon.

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