Wide receiver transfer Theo Howard grateful for the time with the Utes

(Photo: Shotgun Spratling | USCfootball.com, 247Sports)

Theo Howard will only have had one season with the Utes when he last appeared at RES on Friday, but it was time well spent. After starting his career at UCLA and doing a sidebar with the Sooners in Oklahoma, Howard made his way to Salt Lake City and brought some additional bragging rights into the wide reception room.

“I just stepped into the portal and was really just looking for a school that would best suit me and my needs for my final year of college football,” said Howard of the Utes selection for his final college stop. “I was very familiar with them and the coaching staff and the various players on the team. I felt that what they wanted to do this year and everything they said matched my goals, that’s how I ended up here. “

While the movie might not be a flashy statistic at first glance, the movie doesn’t lie and that’s what Howard wanted to achieve – use his talent to change games. Howard’s nine catches and a touchdown for 134 yards were all key factors in Utah’s quest for a third straight Pac-12 championship. His longest reception of the year was a staggering 42 yard momentum catch against the USC that let everyone know that Utah wasn’t playing. His best game was against Arizona State the following week, where he recorded three receptions for 43 yards.

“Personally, I’ll try to do what I can and use my skills and apply them to every game,” said Howard. “I think we also have a great reception group that will help a lot with that, and of course we have good quarterbacks. It will all come together and be fine. “

Howard’s football trip wasn’t the easiest. Injuries have slowed his trajectory a bit, but he’s determined to get his way and see where it takes him.

“I injured my wrist at UCLA last year before leaving college and as soon as I got to OU I tore my hamstring and had to deal with it,” said Howard. “I was able to push through this – last year I was able to play through the season and get through that, but now I finally feel okay and am looking forward to the last year.”

One thing about Howard is that he is able to keep a cool head no matter how draining an injury or game can be. For him, it’s all about timing and waiting for the right moment to strike.

“It’s definitely frustrating, but I also know these things come with the game of football,” said Howard. “Injuries happen and every path is different. I am very patient and I just know that everything happens for a reason. I’m here, looking forward to going one last time. “

His parents and all the people he met along the way help keep Howard on the same level. Howard particularly credits his parents for the consistency they have always given him and is grateful to have served on multiple teams where he learned something different each time.

“Of course, my parents are the most consistent part of my life and always support me,” said Howard. “You are definitely my support system. They’ll support me no matter what, and then I’ve met so many people from UCLA to Oklahoma and I try to take bits and pieces with me. I think everyone in these different places has an impact on my life and shaped me into the footballer I am today. “

“My mother and father – I just want to thank you for all of your support and sacrifices,” Howard continued in gratitude. “It finally got me here and there is still a long way to go. I just want to say thank you and I love you guys. “

As Howard’s time in college football draws to a close, he looks to the future and hopes that he has shown enough to make it to the next level.

“When college is over, I plan to go to the NFL, that’s definitely a plan,” said Howard. “How much longer can I play in the NFL, who knows? It’s up to God. Then I’ll find out. “

When Howard is not focused on soccer, he enjoys relaxing and participating in other activities, one of which could potentially become his post-soccer life.

“I like golf,” said Howard. “I like games – I play video games a lot. I’m interested in real estate, that’s one of the things I want to do after football or even during football. “

Howard’s favorite memory from his brief time in Utah is a summer camping trip with his teammates. It was only the second time he has been there and he says it was a refreshing experience.

“Probably the camping trip I had with Covey, Kaufusi, Mika and a few other guys on the team,” said Howard. “We went to Flaming Gorge and spent the weekend camping there and walking down the river. That was definitely my favorite. “

Being Ute was a special experience for Howard. It wasn’t his longest stint in college football, but it certainly had meaning and brought him a few other people he knows will be in his corner in the future.

“I think from my short time here I would say I can have your brother back,” said Howard of what it means to be an ute. “To be a good teammate, to survive adversity. We are a very close, closely connected community and everyone takes care of everyone and takes responsibility for one another. Everyone loves each other, that’s what it means to be a ute. “

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