You can’t go wrong on #TakeoutTuesday or #TastyTuesday with these choices by Salt Lake Foodie

Whether you’re doing #TakeoutTuesday or prefer to dine out, Salt Lake Foodie gives us great recommendations for new places to try every week.

This week did not disappoint.

Curry Pizza Kitchen – South Bank
Chicken Tandoori – Chicken leg and thighs marinated with spices and yogurt, then grilled in the tandoori oven
Tikki Masala – lamb marinated in yogurt, cooked with peppers, onions, garlic and spices.
Saag spinach curry

ROCTACO – Salt Lake City
Lebanese – Grilled Juusto cheese with purple hibiscus, citrus tabbouleh, creamy coriander sauce, pickled onions.
Rude Bull – Roasted Meat, Avocado Cream, Chipotle Lime Sauce
The Royal – KC BBQ, creamy coleslaw, crispy onion

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