9 Questions Fans Have About Mary Cosby, According To Reddit

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is currently in the middle of its second season. The second season has the original cast from season 1, along with newcomer Jennie Nguyen. While all housewives are entertaining and have great stories, Mary Cosby thinks the cake is one of the more mysterious housewives.

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With a shocking family history and a job as the Pentecostal first lady for her own ward, Mary’s background doesn’t just have housewives to interview; She has fans whom she also interview on Reddit. Mary has had some humorous moments on the show, but she’s also said and done things that will make fans scratch their heads about the real Mary Cosby.


Why is Mary on the show at all?

Mary M. Cosby sitting down

Gullible-Sort9161 asked Reddit a valid question: “Why is Mary Cosby on RHOSLC?” During the two seasons of the show, Mary appeared disinterested in the cast and their activities. The Redditor went on to say: “[Mary] seems to dislike everything they do, wherever they go and almost everyone in the cast. “

In this case, why is Mary on a TV show if she has no real connection with anyone in the group? Mary’s zodiac sign is Libra, which could be why she is so sophisticated and adheres to a higher standard than the other women.

Why is Maria so rich?

Mary Cosby RHOSLC

As First Lady of the Pentecostal Church at Faith Temple, Mary Cosby made her living in the church. In season 1, Mary found that her grandmother was a wealthy woman who made her fortune from the realm of her church. From there, her grandmother opened restaurants, daycare and other local businesses to provide jobs for the community.

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It’s a pretty unpopular opinion to believe everything Mary says about her family’s wealth because some of the stories are so outlandish. Popculture92 asked Reddit how Mary was “so rich” and fans got involved. Rumors circulated in Salt Lake City that Mary “asked members of her church to donate a ridiculous amount” to help fund the lifestyle she created for herself. But Mary has denied these claims on television, saying it was family allowance.

What’s the deal with Mary & Robert Sr.?

Robert Cosby Sr. Mary Cosby RHOSLC

RHOSLC fans know the unique relationship between Mary and Robert Senior. In season 1, Mary told the cameras that when her grandmother was on her deathbed, her grandmother had asked her husband Robert to marry their step-granddaughter Mary in order to keep the Church in the family. This created tons of RHOSLC memes because the situation was so unconventional.

In season 2, Mary and Robert Sr.’s marriage seems strained. She admitted that he spends most of his time in Florida while she stays in Salt Lake City. A Redditor questioned Mary’s situation, writing, “We all know why Mary married the step-grandfather, but it made me even more curious about her past.”

Mary’s whole dynamic with her cousin

Mary and Charlinda in their closet on RHOSLC

During the first season, Mary introduced one of her caregivers, Charlinda. It turned out that Charlinda is Mary’s cousin and has been a domestic helper for 20 years. In a confessional, Mary admitted that although she was family, she doesn’t know and care much about Charlinda.

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EnjoyT0day wanted to know, “What about Mary’s mention of paying her cousin’s / maid’s rent?” Some suspected that instead of paying Charlinda, Mary negotiated a deal that would instead pay her rent, or that Charlinda lived with Mary for free and therefore worked for her. According to Yahoo! Charlinda moved out of Mary’s house after the show premiered and no longer works for her.

Does Mary understand why women hesitate to be close to her?

Met Gala Lunch - Rhoslc - Jen and Mary

In season 2 of RHOSLC, Mary found herself in an awkward position when the group questioned their ties to their church and whether the rumors about their cult leadership were true. When the group had an argument, the women treated Mary with kid gloves for fear of how she would react.

Thanks4Distraction asked Reddit, “Do you think Mary just doesn’t realize how disgusting what she’s saying is?” The example the Redditor mentions is the time Mary insulted one of her churchgoers for gaining weight. Likewise, the story of a former church member, Cameron Williams, has raised some red flags for the women, prompting them to take a step back from their friendship with Mary.

Why is Meredith defending Mary?

Meredith is speaking to a friend out on RHOSLC

Despite the rumors surrounding Mary’s church, the offensive text messages she sent to Whitney, and the lies Jen lied about what she said about her behind her back, Meredith Marks defends Mary without blinking an eyelid .

When Reddit fans asked why Meredith blindly followed Mary, PopItPopIt149 wrote, “Meredith seems, like many housewives, a ‘If you’re nice to me, I don’t care what you do to other people'” “Another fan , InsuredByCoto, agreed and wrote, “Meredith walked away from the plateau” [with] Jennifer Shah is completely deranged to defend Mary. “

Why is Mary harassing Whitney for plastic surgery?

A shared picture of Mary and Whitney speaking on RHOSLC in their home

There are some housewives who have admitted to plastic surgery that they had. Mary, however, did not touch on her plastic surgery claims, but did mention the long process of removing her olfactory glands as noted by Bravo.

On one episode, Mary Whitney sent a damning text message that offended her appearance and condemned her for undergoing cosmetic surgery. ACatMags asked if it was normal behavior for a “45 year old woman to simply send unsolicited messages and tear another woman’s face in a very cruel manner”? UnluckyCharm_13 also shared a retrospective photo of Mary, showing how different Mary looked then than she is now.

Mary & the relationship she has with her son

Robert JR.  pray over lunch on RHOSLC

Fans of The Real Housewives love the kids they see growing up on the show. In Robert Jr.’s case, he was in high school when viewers were introduced to Mary Cosby and her life, but fans still want good things for him.

Robert Jr. isn’t shown often on RHOSLC, but when he is, he and his mother don’t bond like their cast members and their children do. Beyleesi wanted to know if the scenes of Robert and Mary were embarrassing because it was a “teenage thing” or if they were really that disconnected. Fans defended Robert, with MissHellaCool feeling “bad” for him because of his obvious off-screen problems with his mother.

Why didn’t you keep Mary as the show’s “friend”?

Mary looks shocked while cooking on RHOSLC

It was determined that Mary Cosby was originally intended to be a friend of the series rather than a regular cast member. Friends of the series aren’t found in every scene, but they are part of most events and are drawn into the larger storylines. Given how negatively Mary seems to view the show, maybe being a friend on the show would suit her better than being a full-time housewife.

Anonn44_ asked Reddit if Mary “was only on the show to promote the franchise with her”. […] Marriage? ”Because she wasn’t always enthusiastic about what the group was doing.

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