Ridgefield, Wash.—A volunteter fire company has been organized.

Delavan, Wis.—An appropriation of $15,-000 for purchase of motor apparatus has been made.

Elkhorn, Wis.—$1,500 for purchase of a fire truck was voted by citizens.

Washingtonville, N. Y.—A new fire house is to be erected.

Catasauaua, Pa.—A fire house will be erected by the West Catasauqua Fire

Huntington, Ind.—Council has been asked for a new fire house and equipment.

Port Clinton, Pa.—The purchase of a motor fire truck will be made by the volunteer firemen.

Manistee, Mich.—Council is considering purchase of fire apparatus

Pottstown Pa.—A fire alarm system is needed in the schools.

Little Rock. Ark.—The equipment and construct ion of the new fire station is to cost about $9,000.

Oloucener, N. J.—Council haa authorized bids for fire hose.

West Hoboken, N. J.—According to press reports, $17,800 was included In budget for the purchase of fire apparatus.

Martins Ferry, O.—The purchase of firs hosr is authorized by the Board of Control.

Tarry town, N. Y.—The purchase of a fire truck is being considered. Address Fire Commissioner Dolan.

Canby, Minn—A motor combination ehemhose car will be purchased. Bnls are wanted.

Hanover. Pa.—Better fire pro’ection has been asked for.

Northview (P. O. Clarksburg), Pa.—The organization of a fire department is being considered. Address May A. Matthews.

Mt. Vernon, Ill.—The purchase of motor apparatus is being considered.

Harrisburg. Pa.—Bids will be opened shortly for a two-passenger chief’s car.

Salem, O.—$1,000 has been appropriated for purchase of fire hose.

Hollister, Cal.—The department is considering purchase of a motor combintion chemical and hose car.

Lexington, Ky.—The erection of a fire station is being planned.

Bay City, Mich.—Motor apparatus will shortly be purchased.

Herkimer, N. Y.—Funds for installation of motor apparatus are said to be available.

Saco City, Me.—Officials have been asked for more hose for fire protection at Camp Ellis.

Bridgeport. W. Va.—The raising of funds to purchase a motor fire truck is being considered by the fire department.

Fairmont, W. Va.—The need of more fire hose and an aerial truck is being discussed.

Jackson, Ga.—New equipment is needed fire department. Address E. L. King.

Dallas, Tex.— Better fire protection is being asked for by residents of North Dallas.

Port Clinton. O.—Firemen have raised $740 towards purchase of a fire truck.

Disbon, O.—A volunteer fire department will be organized.

Fa.—The firemen have raised 5300 towards purchase of 1,000 feet of hose and a motor truck.

Newton Square, Pa.—Judge Johnson has signed the charter for the fire company just organized.

Harrisburg, Pa.—Final action will be taken shortly on bond issue for purchasing fire apparatus and paving.

Kirkwood, N. J.—A fire company, to be known as White Horse Fire Co., has been organized. A site for fire house has been contributed. Daniel McNeil, Chief.

Clinton, Mass.—The town has voted to purchase a motor pumping engine, to cost $9,000. Chief Robinson.

Au Sable, N. Y.—A recent fire has demonstrated the necessity of a new fire alarm system.

Penns Grove, N. J.—The fund to purchase the new pumping engine has reached $1,970.70.

Freehold, N. J.—Commissioners have appropriated $200 extra to each of the five fire companies toward purchasing motor apparatus.

Tulsa, Okla.—Commissioners have called election to vote on $300,000 bond issue for fire station, equipments, water works improvements, etc.

De Funiak Springs, Fla.—Bond issue for the purchase of fire apparatus will soon be voted on.

Columbia, S. C.—Bids for a motor combination pumping engine will shortly be called for.

Wyomissing, Pa.—New motor apparatus will be purchased by local Fire Co.

Jacksonville, Fla.—City Council has been asked for additional fire apparatus. Chief Haney.

Omaha, Neb.—A resolution has been passed by City Council to appropriate $70,000 for further motorization of fire department.

Newton, Mass.—$52,000 has been appropriated by the city for better fire protection.

Somerville, Mass.—Among other improvements Board of National Underwriters has recommended purchase of 2,500 feet of hose.

Bradford, Conn.—$3,500 has been voted for motor fire apparatus and Commissioners Baldwin and Castle have been appointed to investigate.

Hudson City (P. O. Jersey City), N. J.— A new engine and truck house will be erected.

Mt. Kisco, N. Y.—The Fire Committee expects to purchase a motor truck for fire department.

Rochester, N. Y.—In his annual report, Chief Little recommends the purchase of two second-size engines, two 4-wheel tractors and three motor supply trucks.

Hewlett, N. Y.—Taxpayers will vote on appropriation of $3,500 for purchase of a motor combination hook and ladder and chemical truck.

Fort Fairfield, Me.—When new building is finished equipment will be purchased for the fire department.

Georgetown, Del.—Plans to raise money for another piece of apparatus are under way.

Hudson Falls, N. Y.—The village expects $1,500 will be pledged for purchase of a chemical combination motor truck.

Little Falls, N. Y.—Increase in local fire apparatus to preserve present rates is insisted upon by State underwriters.

Winthrop, Minn.—The purchase of fire extinguishers is being considered.

Bristol, R. I.—According to reports, an order for a new motor combination car will soon be placed.

Northampton, Pa.—An appropriation of $3,000 for the purchase of a piece of apparatus and the installation of a fire alarm sytem was again discussed at a * recent meeting of the Council.

Riverpoint, R. I.—At the recent annual meeting of the fire district the question of a new fire house and the purchase of motor fire apparatus was discussed-

East Orange, N. J.—According to reports, bonds will be issued to purchase fire apparatus and fire alarm cable.

Lampeter, Pa.—Citizens are urging the purchase of fire apparatus.

Birdsboro, Pa.—A combination motor wagon will be purchased by Friendship Fire Co.

Rock Island, Ill.—Commissioners conferred with Chief Newberrv in regard to type of fire apparatus needed.

Dayton, Ky.—Council has opened bids for motor fire truck.

Salamanca, N. Y.—An election to raise $500 for a telegraph fire alarm system will be held.

Devon (P. O. Milford), Conn.—The taxpayers are asking the Finance Board for appropriations for better fire protection. An engine house, fire alarm system, motor apparatus, hose, and fire hydrants are needed. Herbert Peterson is Chairman.

Steclton, Pa.—An ordinance providing: for the issue of $80,000 bonds for motor apparatus and street paving was passed.

Wilmington, N. C.—City will issue bonds for tire apparatus and other improvements. Address the Mayor.

Newton, N. J.—A petition from Newton Hose Co. No. 3 was presented to the Town Committee, asking an appropriation of $2,000 for a motor truck.

Matawan, N. J.—A new alarm system is under consideration, and Chief Emmons has asked the Council for new fire hose.

Bridgeport, Conn.—City will extend its underground wire system and discard its tower fire bell.

Marion, O.—Bonds of $13,200 have been issued for the purchase of a motor aerial truck, a chiefs car, and police motor equipment.

Omaha, Neb.—The City Council has recommended appropriation of $70,000 for further motorization of the fire department.

Wellsburg, W. Va.—The City Council was asked to call an election on matter of issuing bonds of $100,000 for new fire apparatus, sewerage system, etc.

Little Rock, Ark.—A new hre house, at cost of $9,S00, will be erected in Ward 9.

Sioux City, Ia.—A modern fire house will soon be erected.

Natoma, Kan.—The Xatoma Volunteer Fire Department has been formed.

Coalinga, Cal.—The question of issuing bonds for $8,000 for city hall and fire station, ana $14,000 for auxiliary firefighting system will be voted on shortly-

St, John, N. B.—The purchase of motof fire apparatus is being considered. Commissioner McLellan.

Douglas, Ariz.—The Fire Committee has decided to purchase 300 feet of 2H-inch and 300 feet of 1 1/2-inch hose equipped with a Siamese reducer to allow use of both sizes on same plug. Also two 1 1/2inch nozzles for smaller hose.

Ballston Spa, N. Y.—Board of Trustees has voted to purchase 500 feet of fire

North Branch, N. Y.—A meeting was held recently to vote on an appropriation of $500 to purchase a chemical fire engine.

Verona, N. J.—William H. Graham, Chairman of Fire Committee, has been authorized to purchase a motor chemical car, not to cost over $800.

West Lampeter, Pa.—A meeting of citizens was held to consider formation of a fire company and the purchasing of adequate fire-fighting apparatus.


Creston, Neb.—Bids will be received until July 31 for 600 feet of 2j4-inch fire hose. C. E Wagner, Village Clerk.

Hope, Ark.—City will let contract to erect two-story fire station. Address the Mayor.

Caldwell, N. J.—Fire Committee will receive bids until Aug. 4 for one combination chemical engine and hose wagon with auxiliary pumps and ladders. L. E. Jacobus, Chairman, Caldwell, N. J.

Atlantic City, N. J.—Bids will be received until July 28 for fire alarm signaling apparatus in connection with high-pressure water main. Address Chief of Electrical Bureau, Office Board of Commissioners.

Salem, O.—Bids will be received until July 26 for one motor triple combination fire engine, chemical and hose wagon, and one motor combination chemical engine and hose wagon. E. D. Shive, Director of Public Safety.

New York, N. Y.—Bids will be received until 10:30 a. m., July 28, for underground lead-covered feeder cables. Forms at office of Fire Department, 11th floor, Municipal Building.

Reading, Pa.—Bids will be received until July 26 for furnishing a motor aerial truck, a tractor and combination chemical wagon; also twelve hand fire extinguishers.

Washington, D. C.—Bids will be received until Aug. 12 for pump, motors, piping, distributing connections, etc., for a foam fire protection system for fuel oil and gasoline tanks at the Naval Station, Key West, Fla. Plans and specifications with C. R. Harris, Chief Bureau of Yards and Docks, Navy Dept., Washington, D. C.

Little Falls, N. Y.—Township Committee will receive bids until July 31 for motor chassis and motor body. B. S. Briggs, Town Clerk.

Reading, Pa.—Proposals for one motor aerial truck, with 75, 85 or 95 ft. ladders, one tractor for 75-ft. aerial truck, one tractor for Nott second-size steamer and one combination chemical and hose wagon will be received until July 26 a* the office of Charles Marks, City Clerk, Reading, Pa.

Richmond. Va.—Board of Fire Commissioners will receive bids until August 7 for furnishing 2,500 feet of 2 1/2-:nch and 2,300 feet of 3-inch Double Jacket, Woven, Cotton, Rubber-Lined Hose. L. S Jones, Secretary Fire Dept.

New York, N. Y.—Fire Commissioner Robert Adamson will receive bids until August 4 for furnishing 3 motor combination chemical and hose cars and 7 motor hose cars.

Dubuque. Ia.—Bids will be received by J. J. Shea. City Recorder, until August 3 ior one motor aerial ladder truck, and a motor combination hose and chemical car.

South Brownsville, Pa.—Bids will be re eeived until August 14 for 500 feet of 2⅛-inch fire hose. Address T. A. Waggener, Secretary.

Bayonne. N. J.—Bids for furnishing 39 hre extinguishers will be received until August 3 by Board of Education, City Hall. James D. Boyd, Secretary.


Medford, Mass., has awarded contract to the Seagrave Company, of Columbus, O., through its representatives, D. Arthur? Burt & Co., of Boston, Mass., for furnishing one Seagrave city service ladder truck.

Greenfield. Ind.—A contract has been awarded to the South Bend Motor Co., of South Bend, Ind., for furnishing a motor car, at $4,000. The following were the bids received: South Bend Motor Car Co., $3,250 and $4,000; American-La France Fire Engine Co., Elmira, N. Y., $3,500; Robinson Fire App. Mfg. Co., St. Louis, Mo., $5,000; Sterling Motor Truck Co., $3,850 ^Monger & Son, Garford machine, $3,375 and S3.805; Reagan Motor Truck Co., $3,200; Kinder & Son, White machine, $4,544; and Indiana Motor Truck Co., $3,700 and $4,100.

Somerville, N. J.—The following bids have been received for furnishing a motor combination car; South Bend Motor Car Co., with one tank $3,500, with two tanks $3,995; American-La France Fire Engine Co., one tank $3,297; two tanks $3,997; International Motor Car Co., one tank $3,750, two tanks $3,979; Auto Car Sales Co., $2,900; Reo Motor Co., $3,350; R. E. Taylor Corp., one tank $3,150, two tanks $3,650.

Richmond, Ind.—The American-La France Fire Engine Co., Inc., Elmira, N. Y., has been awarded the contract for motorizing the four fire companies, at a cost of $8,750. The city also purchased an aerial motor ladder truck.

Middletown, N. Y.—Contract for erection of new truck house was awarded Giles, Giles & Co., at cost of $4,000.

Burlington, N. J.—The following bids for furnishing motor apparatus were received: Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Co., Cincinnati, O., $8,500 and $9,000; American-La France Fire Engine Co., Inc., Elmira, N. ., $4,325 and $8,000; Robinson Fire Apparatus Mfg. Co., St. I ouis, Mo., $8,500, $7,900, $6,250, $5,100; The Seagrave Co., Columbus, O., $8 .300, $6,700, $5,000 and $4,500.

Billings, Mont.—Contract for a motor combination hose and chemical wagon was awarded to the American-La France Fire Engine Co., Inc., at $6,500.

Richmond, Ind.—Contract was awarded the American-La France Fire Engine Co., Inc., of Elmira, N. Y., for apparatus for four companies, at a bid of $8,750.

Bloomington, Ill.—A contract for three pieces of motor apparatus was awarded the American-La France Fire Engine Co., Inc., of Elmira, N. Y., at a cost of $21,000.

Dover, N. J.—Contract was awarded the International Motor Co., of New York, for a motor hook and ladder truck, at a cost of $4,900.



Perth Amboy, N. J.—Water bonds amounting ,o $100,000 have been sold.

Vineland, N. J.—The extension of wa’cr mains is being considered by Commissioners.

Lumberton, N. C-—For extension of water works $15,000 will be spent.

Ironton. O.—Construction of filtration plant has been approved by State Board and work will be started shortly.

Montreal. P. Q.—Bids have been asked for laying ten miles of 4and 6-inch wood pipe. . Address A. D. Macdonald, 4100 Sherbrooke st., W.

Mineral, Kan.—The Council has authorized Water Works Sunt. L. T. Black to make necessary 4-incn pipe connection to new school buildings.

Topeka. Kan.—Plans have been presented by City Engineer for proposed reinforced concrete reservoir with capacity of 250,000 gallons.

Highland Park, Mich.—$70,700 bonds are to be issued for new water mains, and $374,740 for a new reservoir and filtration plant.

Madison, Minn.—-Bonds for $26,000 will be issued for new water works system.

Berkeley, Cal.—Chamber of Commerce and City Council will confer on plan to install fire: protection water system in business district.

Evansville, Ind.—It is proposed to construct a new reservoir, with capacity of 4,000,000 gallons, at a cost of $90,530.

Waterloo, Ia.—13,000 feet of pipe will be laid to provide better domestic service and fire protection.

Lawrence, Kan.—Commissioners will readvertise for bids on water works bonds as those received were below par.

Waverley, Ia.—Plans have been prepared for a reinforced concrete reservoir; also pumps and extension of mains. H. R. Vanderveer, Clerk.

Dannebrog, Neb.—An election to vote on new water works system will soon be held.

Scotia, Neb.—$15,000 bonds issued has been voted for new electric and water works system. H. L. Miller, Clerk.

Chilton, Wis.—At recent election, issue of $45,000 bonds for new water works was carried.

Hamilton, Mo.—A meeting of citizens will soon be called by Council to present plans for a new water works system.

Sandusky, O.—According to press reports, the city is discussing the need of more pumps to relieve the water pressure.

Jonesboro, Tenn.—Survey for a water works system is being made by R. S. Dyer, of Johnson City, Tenn.

Paterson, N. J.—Definite steps towards procuring an additional source of water supply will be considered by the Board of Public Works.

Kenilworth, N. J.—The Borough Council has decided to lay extra water mains.

New Sharon, Ia.—An issue for $4,000 bonds for improvement of water works system was carried at last election.

Hinsdale, Mont.—A vote to issue bonds for $26,700 for installation of water works system was carried.

Shiner, Tex.—Improvements to system are being considered. Address the Mayor.

West Point, Va.—J. B. McCrary, Atlanta, Ga., has been engaged as engineer in charge of water and sewer systems. H. Anderson, Mayor.

Gillham, Ark.—Construction of water works svstein is under consideration. Wm. A. Burr.

Walnut Ridge. Ark.—Hiram Phillips, of St. Loirs, Engineer, has been selected to make survey for water works and sewer systems.

Blackwell, Okla.—Issue of $45,000 bonds for extension and improvement of water works system will shortly be voted for.

Miami, Okla.—Construction of water works and electric light plant is being considered. Address the Mayor.

Tulsa. Okla.—Commissioners have ordered election to vote on $300,000 bond issue for filtration plant, extension of mains and other improvements. H. H. Wyss, City Engineer.

Columbia, S. C.—Bonds to amount of $850,000 have been issued for water and sewer extension. John McNcal, City Engineer.

Newfield, N. J.—Citizens are discussing a municipal water plant and a committee will take the matter up with the Pitman Water Company.

Bayonne, N. J.—The water company will lay an auxiliary main on the meadows where the recent break occurred.

Bloomfield, N. J.—Application lias been made to the water department for laying an 8-inch main to the Edison plant at Silver Lake.

Clinton, N. J.—At a meeting of the Town CommYtee, held recently, residents asked for extension of water mains.

Westerville, O.—The question of issuing bonds for the improvement of the water works system is still under consideration, according to press reports.

Sandusky, O.—Plans foimproving the water supply are being considered.

Mount Penn, Pa.—If plans started by Borough Council arc carried out, the meter system will be installed.

Canton, O.—According to press reports, meters will be installed on all connections to stop waste.

Savannah, Ga.—The Water Committee will hold its tegular meeting, and it is thought the proposed bond issue for new water works may be discussed.

Lakewood, Minn.—Bids will shortly be Opened for a hydraulic gate at the Lakewood pumping station.

Carthage, Mo.—Residents of nearby districts are asking for extension of mains.

Los Angeles, Cal.—An election in connection with the proposed $206,000 bond issue for the construction of a new water works system will take place shortly.

Canton. O.—Bonds for $50,000 have been sold for new mains.

Coffeeville, Miss.—Bonds will be issued to the amount of $15,000 for the installation of a water works system.

Austin, Minn.—At recent election a bond issue of $6,000 for new water works system was carried.

Odebolt, Ia.—Election for bond issue of $15,000 for water works system was held.

Clinton, Ia—City Engineer J. G. Thome was directed to prepare pUns and specifications for new water works system.

Lewiston, Mont.—At Council meeting permission was granted to extend water system to the end of city limits.

Topeka, Kan.—City Commissioners will be asked to approve contract for laying of new mains.

Park River, N. D.—At a meeting of City Council, bids were ordered called for, for covering construction of more than 3,500 feet of new water mains.

Kalamazoo, Mich.—Superintendent Wilbur Reed was instructed to purchase necessary material for installation of 1,200 feet of new water mains.

Tacoma, Wash.—According to press reports, Supt. Saridge has recommended that $145,000 worth of new trunk mains be installed.

Beaumont, Tex.—City Council has been asked to issue $100,000 bonds for extension of water mains.

Kearney, Neb.—Residents of South Beatrice have petitioned City Commissioners to extend water mains.

Dallas, Tex.—J, B. Winslett, City Secretary, was directed to readvertise bids for pipe.

Mount Morris, N. Y.—At a meeting of Village Board, construction of a new pipe line for municipal water works was discussed.

Ardmore, Okla.—The question of issuing bonds for the extension of the water works system is to be voted on shortly.

Lawrence. Mass.—Press reports state $410,000 worth of water and school bonds have been sold.

Wilmington, Del.— bonds for street, sewer and water improvements have been sold.

Shaker Heights (P. O. Cleveland), O.— Bonds for water works and other improvements will soon be sold.

New Philadelphia. O.—$80,000 worth of water bonds will shortly be offered for sale, F. F. Wible, City Auditor.

Ravenna, O.—W A. Root. City Auditor, will offer $60,000 bonds for water works extensions, including dam, standpipe and pumping station.

Gibson, Ill.—Water works extension and improvements are being considered. Address C. E. Lowry, Crty Clerk.

Westerville, O.—Election to vote on bonds for improvetmit of water works is still being considered.

Lowesville. Ky.—Bids will soon be opened for construction of new pumping station.

Brookline, Mass.—$10,000 has been appropriated for new water mains.

Worcester, Mass.—For construction of a reservoir at Howland Hill, the city hat voted bonds for $50,000.

Jersey City, N. J.—Plans for cons*ruction of new pipe line from Boonton to Jersey City has been submitted to Council. Adoress Commissioner Byrne. Charles Van Keuren, Chief Engineer.

Lenox, Mass.—More meters will be installed by the Lenox Water Co.

Altoona. Pa.—The Green Water Co, is trying to obtain necessary concessions to extend the water supply.

Monongahela. Pa.—Water meters will be installed bv the Emporium Water Co.

Stanberry, Mo.—Bonds have recently been voted for paving, repairing water works system and installation of city sewerage.

Somerville, N. J.—At recent meeting of Council application of Somerville Water Co. to extend its mains was granted.

Jonesboro. Tenn.—Engineer R. L. Dyer is making a preliminary survey for a water works system.

Glendive, Mont.—A $65,000 bond issue for a filtration plant has been sold.

Cedar Heights. Ia.—Citizens will vote July 3t on proposed extension of mains.

San Francisco, Cal.—Supervisors’ Building Committee favor drilling a well at City Hail, at an estimated cost of $2,000.

Vernal, Utah.—On Aug. 8 citizens will vote oa a $23,500 bond issue for extension of water works.

West Alis, Wis.—Council is considering either laying new mains or drilling a well to increase the town’s supply.

Oswego, N, Y.—Water department plans to ask Council for $3,000 for laying 8inch main.

Dillon, Mont.—Water Committee’s report on proposed extension of mains has been postponed.

Savannah, Ga.—Water Committee of Council has racommended the laying of new mains.

North Easton, Mass.—Water meters are to be installed.

Barre, Mass.—Funds have been appropriated for the extension of water mains.

Silver Lake, Minn.—Bonds of $18,000 for water works improvements have been sold.

Macksville, Kan.—A vote for installation of municipal water works system has been earned.

Park River, N. D.—Extension of water works system was approved by City Council and bids for over 3,500 feet of water mains called for.

Rock Island, Ill.—Commissioner John Murrin is considering the setting of several hundred meters.

Cincinnati, O.—Supt. Hiller plans the construction of a 200,000,000-gallon reservoir.

Washington, D. C.—Reports from a commercial attache of the Department of Commerce in Europe state that the city council of a municipality is in the market for about $125,000 worth of filters. For further information write the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce relative to opportunity No. 21,000.

East Palestine, O.— Hoard of Trustees of Public Affairs has recommended the erection of a water works central station, to cost approximately $50,000.

Crowley, La.—Part of the proceeds of a $40,000 bond issue recently voted by the Board of Aldermen will be used for improvements to the water and light plant.

Punxsutawney, Pa.—Some citizens are planning the installation of a private water system.

Oklahoma City, Okla.—To relieve pressure, the installation of another pump is being considered.

Superior, Wis.—Water mains will be extended.

Jefferson, O.—$4,500 bond issue has been asked by City Council for water works improvements.

Paw Paw, Mich.—City Engineer Smith is to furnish plans for new water supply.

Genda Springs, Kan.—Appropriation of $17,000 has been voted for water works and sewer systems.


Wahoo, Neb.—Reports state that City Clerk George Loder will receive bids until July 26, for extending water works and electric light plant, to cost about $10,000.

Takoma Park Sta., Washington, D. C.— Town Clerk Ben G. Davis will receive bids until July 81 for erecting a steel tank and tower, and for installing an internal combustion oil engine at pumping station.

LaMoiUe, Ill.—J. F. Allen, President Board of Trustees, will receive bids until July 31 for constructing a water works system, to include one water tower, 50,000 gallons capacity, one deep well, one deep well pump, one oil engine, one pumping station.—Specifications with F. A. Rambo, Village Clerk.

South Charleston, O.—Board of Trustees of Public Affairs, S. D. Rankin, Clerk, will receive bids until August 1 for constructing water works.

Highwood, Mont.—Bids will be received on August 7 for installing a water works system, not to cost, mere than $10,000. Bids opened on July 6 have been rejected.

Red Creek, N. Y.—Village Trustees will receive bids until Aug. 10 for construting water works. F. M. Jones, Village Clerk.

Kingsville, Tex.—Board of Commissioners will receive bids until July 26 for furnishing cast-iron pipe, special castings, valves, fire hydrants, etc. Henry C. Porter, City Engineer.

Chaffee, Mo.—Mayor and Board of Aidermen will receive bids until July 28 for constructing water works. Frank L. Wilcox, Engineer, Syndicate Trust Building, St. Louis, Mo. E. D. Preston, City Clerk.

Coshocton, O.—Bids will be received for lowering 20-inch cast-iron suction line and constructing a new concrete pump pit 2nd orick superstructure for same until twelve o’clock, noon, Central Standard time, August 10, 1016. Plans and specifications can be obtained from Chester & Fleming, Enginers, Union Bank Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Richmond, Va.—Water Works Superintendent E. E. Davis will receive bids until August 15 for furnishing cast-iron pipe, valves and specials.

Lake City, Minn.—Bids will be received until August 4 for 4,075 linear feet of 6-inch cast-iron main, 10 fire hydrants, and six 6-inch gate valves and boxes. R. Paterick, City Clerk.

Clintonville, Wis.—Bids will be received until August 25 for laying water mains. Address Julius Spearbraker, Secretary.

Marshfield. Wis.—Bids will be received until July 20 for laying water mains. John Scubert, City Clerk.

Breckenridge, Minn.—Bids will be received by L. H. Standring, City Clerk, until Aug. 7 for 2 fire hydrants, 20 tons 4incE water mains, 12 or 10-ft. lengths, 000 pounds lead, etc.

Ironton, O.—Bids will be received by F. A. Ross, Director of Public Service, until July 28, for new brick pumping station, pump well ami intake.

Kenedy, Tex.—Bids will be received until August 15 by City Commissioners for materials required for construction of water works, to include cast-iron pipe, tank and tower, steel triplex pump, crude oil engines, hydrants and valves.

Factoria, Wash.—Bids will be received by E. W. Lord, Clerk, until August 1 for installing gasoline engine and pumping head for 130-foot deen well.

Cleveland, O.—Bids will be received by Commissioner of Purchases and Supplies for pig lead for Division of Water until July 26.

Sheridan, Mont.—Bids will be received until August 9 for furnishing materials and constructing water works. Frank Crosby, Town Clerk. Consulting Engineer: Geo. E. Baker, Whitehall, Mont.

Omaha, Neb.—Bids will be received until 4 p. m., July 26, for construction of pumping station. R. B. Howell, General Manager.

Fargo, N. D.— Bids will be received by A. R. Watkins, City Auditor, until August 16, for installation pf mechanical stokers and smoke-eliminating and fuelsaving devices at water works pumping station.

Fort Wayne, Ind.—Bids will be received until July 31 for drilling and casing 6inch tubular wells. Will Johnson, County Auditor.

Riverton, Wyo.— Town Clerk F. H. Allyn will receive bids until August 3 for wafer works improvements, as follows: 4,130 feet of 4-inch and 6,010 feet of 6-inch cast-iron pipe; abo one well pump and pump house.

Assiniooia, Sask.—Bids will be received until 6 p. m., August 8, by J. R. Nolan, Secretary-Treasurer, for furnishing and laying 17,500 feet of cast-iron pipe.

Richmond, Va.—Bids will be received until August 15 for cast-iron pipe, 30-inch valves, lead and jute. Address E. E. Davis, Supt. of Water Works.

Taylors Fails, Minn.—Bids will be received until August 7 for approximately 289 feet of 4-inch hub and spigot water mains, including all labor. Plans and specifications with A. W. Hobbs, Village Clerk. W. X. Folsom. President.

Minneapolis, Kan.—The issuance of $10,000 bonds for improvement and extension of water works system is being considered.

Vernal, Utah.—A meeting of taxpayers will be held to vote on proposition of bonding city for $23,500 to extend the wa’er works system.

Peotone, Ill.—Bids will be received until July 28 for 9,686 feet of 4and 6-inch water pipe. Address P. M. Collins, President Citizens Bank.

Clermont. Ia.—Bids will be received until July 28 for a water works system, to cost about $18,000. W. R. Blake, Mayor.

Springfield, O.—Bids will be received until noox, July 28, for construction of a water works line. C. E. Ashburner, City Manager.

Williamsburg, Va.—Bolton. Clark & Pratt, Inc., Engineers, will receive bids until noon, July 28, for construction of a water works system.

Cleveland Heights, O.—Bids will be received until August 7 for 6 and 8-inch cast-iron water main construction. F. A. Pease Engineering Co., Marshall Bldg., Cleveland, O.

Ft. Wayne, Ind.—Bids will be received by Will Johnson, County Auditor, until July 31 for drilling and casing 6-inch well.

Coshocton. O.—Bids for constructing ump pit and lowering suction line will e received until noon, August 10, by Sam Ashman. Safety Director.

Kenedy, Tex.— Bids will be received until August 15 for construction of water works system, oil engine, triplex pump and steel tank and tower. R. E. Goode, Village Clerk.

West Park, O.— Bids will be received until July 31 for labor an*l material to lay a 6-inch water main. Plans with Clerk of Board of Trustees.

Thief River Falls, Minn.—Bids will be received until August 5 for a pumping system and water pressure connections at High School building. Specifications by applying to Charles A. Pitkin. Clerk.


Garland. Utah.—Contract for the new water works system was let recently to the following bidders: Green Engineering & Construction Co., for bridge and reservoir, $10,394.25; Burton-Cotton Co., for redwood pipe. $10,488.68, and D. C. Dunbar, $2,282.35, for valves, fire hydrants and other fittings.

Ottawa. Ill.—Contract for completion of water works system was awarded Frank La Riu, at a cost of $14,076.75.

Martin’s Ferry. O.—Contract has been awarded to the Pittsburgh Filter Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., for construction of upto-date filtration plant, at cost of about $19,000.

Lima. O.—Bids on 10,000 feet of water pipe, 6-inch and 8-inch diameter, were received from the following firms: J. B. Clow & Sons, Chicago, Ill. – American Cast Iron Pipe Co., Chicago, Ill., United States Pipe & Foundry Co., of Chicago, Ill., and Massillon Iron & Steel Co., Massillon, O. Bids have not yet been

Bellwood, Neb.—Contract for new water works plant was awarded to the Alamo Engine Supply Co., for $7,538. Other bidders were: Des Moines Bridge & Iron Co., $7,870; Elkhorn Construction Co., $7,840, and Wilson Construction Co., $7,623.

Easton, Pa.—R. T. & C. D. Stewart have been awarded contract for construction of new reservoir, and Warren Foundry & Machine Co., Phillipsburg, N. J., for 9,000 feet of cast-iron pipe.

Wilmington, N. C.—All bids have been rejected for furnishing 500 5/8-inch and ¾-inch meters.

Lowellville, O.—Contract has been awarded to the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co., of Pittsburgh, Pa., for erecting a standpipe, at $4,500. Other bids were; Chicago Bridge & Iron Co.. Chicago, Ill., $4,685; M. Gregory. Lowellville. $7,883. Contracts were also awarded for constructing a pump house and for general work of installing water works system.

Lima, O.—On July 13 City Board of Control awarded a contract to J. B. Clow & Co., of Chicago, Ill., for furnishing 10,000 feet of 6-inch and 8-inch pipe and 90 valves and couplings, at $S,285.

Great Falls, Mont.—The Pittsburgh Filter Co., of Pittsburgh, Pa., has been awarded a contract for furnishing filter equipment, at $76,000, and a contract has been let to the Merkle Hines Machinery Co., of Kansas City, tor furnishing pumps and motors, at $10,350. .

Oshkosh, Wis.—American Cast Iron Co. was low bidder for furnishing pipe, with a bid of $31.20 for 12-foot lengths and $32.20 for 16-foot lengths per ton.

Rock Island, Ill.—The following bids were opened July 1 for erecting a 100,000gallon steel tank on a 125-toot tower: Rock Island Bridge & Iron Works, $9,070; Des Moines Bridge & Iron Works, $9,300; Memphis Steel Construction Co., $9,000’; Chicago Bridge & Iron Works, $9,195. Contract was awarded to the Rock Island Bridge & Iron Works.

Atlantic City. N. J.—The following bids were opened for furnishing cast-iron pipe and specials; United States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co., $58,756.60; R. D. Wood & Co.. $59,409.83: Warren Foundry & Machine Co., $59,486.95: Standard Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co., $62,551.20. Contract awarded United States Cast Iron Pipe & Foundry Co.

Salisbury, N. C.—Contract for furnishing materials for construction of filtration plant and new source of water supply was awarded following firms: A. J. Twigg & Son, Augusta, Ga.. structures and river section, $36,000: W. M. Wilkes, Warrenfon. N. C.. laying pipes, $12,900; Morris Machine Works, Baldwins, N. Y., pumping machinery, $11,000;. N. Y. Continental Jewell Filtration Co., New York, filtration plant, $12,200; General Electro Co.. Charlotte, N. C.. transformers, $1,060.63: C. S. Lee. Winston-Salem. N. C., sedimentation basin, $9,400; Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., valves, $703.

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