October 14 data: Utah reports 8 more COVID-19 deaths, cases up 1,253

Eight other Utahners have died of COVID-19 since Wednesday, bringing the total number of deaths since the pandemic started to 3,050.

The Utah Department of Health reported that of the eight deaths, seven were men. Today’s figures include a man and a woman under the age of 45.

The number of hospital admissions has fallen to 500 and currently stands at 573 COVID-19 patients battling the disease in Utah hospitals.

Over 1,200 new positive tests have been received since Wednesday. School-age children account for 282 of the infections.

The majority of school-age cases reported on Thursday involve children aged 117 and ages five to ten.



  • We will report 527,654 positive cases today. That’s an increase of 1,253 new cases since yesterday.

School-age cases:

  • 282 of the new cases reported today are in school-age children. As of yesterday, we will be reporting 117 cases in children aged 5 to 10 years, 87 cases in children aged 11 to 13 years and 78 cases in children aged 14 to 17 years.


  • We will report 3,595,117 total doses administered. This is an increase of 9,041 doses since yesterday.

Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated risk ratio:

  • In the last 28 days, unvaccinated people were 13.1 times more likely to die from COVID-19, 11.3 times more likely to be hospitalized for COVID-19, and 6.2 times higher risk of testing positive for COVID-19 than vaccinated people.
  • As of February 1, 2021, unvaccinated people have a 9.0 times higher risk of dying from COVID-19, 7.6 times higher risk of being hospitalized for COVID-19, and 4.0 – times the risk of testing positive for COVID-19 than vaccinated people.

Laboratory tests:

  • We will report 3,573,453 people tested. That’s an increase of 7,876 people tested since yesterday.
  • We will report a total of 6,438,532 tests. That’s an increase of 15,752 tests since yesterday.


  • The 7-day rolling average for positive tests is 1,311 per day.
  • The 7-day rolling average for the percent positivity of “people over people” is 15.7%. The 7-day rolling average for percent positivity for “tests over tests” is 10.4%.

Hospital stays:

  • There are currently 573 people in the hospital with COVID-19. The total number of hospital admissions since the outbreak began is 23,009.


We will report a total of 3,050 deaths, eight more than yesterday.

  • Male, between 45 and 64, residents of Davis County, hospitalized at death
  • Female, between 25 and 44 years old, resident of Utah County, hospitalized at death
  • Male, between 65 and 84, residents of Tooele County, hospitalized at the time of death
  • Male, between 65 and 84, residents of Salt Lake County, hospitalized at the time of death
  • Male, older than 85, Salt Lake County resident, long-term care facility resident
  • Male, between 65 and 84, residents of Box Elder County, hospitalized at the time of death
  • Male, aged 65 to 84, resident of Uintah County, not hospitalized
  • Male, between 25 and 44, residents of Cache County, hospitalized at death

Wednesday’s COVID-19 data:

October 13 data: Utah reports 19 coronavirus deaths increase since yesterday

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