Iconic fly fishing destinations in every state | recreation

The lure of the hunt, the thrill of catching, and the wild comfort of nature attract around 7 million fly anglers to coasts, river beds, and creeks in the United States each year. Some of the best fly fishermen in the world can be found among the coasts of America, from urban waterways and rural reservoirs to historic waterholes and glacier-fed rivers. There really is a place for everyone from the beginner to the seasoned fly fisherman.

Curated has compiled a state-sorted list of notable fly fishing destinations including Washington DC, fishing surrounded by majestic desert canyons and a fishing paradise just 45 minutes from the bright lights of the Big Easy. Each location on the upcoming list has its own variety of fish species, landscapes, optimal seasons for fly fishing, and rules and regulations. So be sure to check the terms and rules before heading out.

Cast off with Curated and explore the most famous fly fishing destinations in each state.

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