July 28 data: 6 COVID-19 deaths, 3 million vaccines, 350 hospital stays

On the same day, Utah passed the 3 million COVID-19 vaccination mark and counted six more lives as the state currently has 350 people hospitalized with the coronavirus.

The state has also confirmed 843 new cases of the virus since Tuesday. That’s the number of people who tested positive for the virus.

The six people killed a day after the state counted seven deaths were four women and two men. The victims came from Kane, Salt Lake (2), Uintah (2) and Weber counties. All those killed were either in the 45-64 or 65-84 age group. The state does not disclose the identity of those killed, but treats these deaths as it would any death records processed in Utah.

Visit coronavirus.utah.gov/covid-19-deaths/ to see how Utah determines the cause of death for coronavirus victims and others.

The state has vaccines available for everyone ages 12 and older. It reports that 1.6 million people have received at least one dose of the various vaccines available. The state has now placed 3,001,472 doses of vaccine in human arms, 6,578 more than Tuesday, according to the Utah Department of Health.

Hospital stays have been an issue for Utah despite the state never reaching hospital capacity, despite Governor Spencer Cox saying it was hours away from reaching that mark and opening secondary facilities for coronavirus patients. The country currently reports 350 hospital patients with COVID-19. The state has described hospital admissions and deaths as delayed statistics following positive test results by several weeks.

Cases have risen and Wednesday’s 843 cases pushed the 7-day moving average to 649, a number that has steadily increased. Many of the state’s counties are now highlighted in red – or very high – through the state dashboard, which measures the number of cases per 100,000 residents by county. Over 200 is considered very high.

Utah is far from alone with the COVID-19 surge. Because vaccines are plentiful for everyone and the risks are minimal compared to the 627,576 documented deaths from the virus, many have chosen not to take the vaccine.

Governments and businesses are scrambling to change course after new federal guidelines called for the return of mask wear to virus hotspots amid a dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across the country.

The Utah Department of Health broke with the CDC on Tuesday, stating that masks are not required in schools for those vaccinated against COVID-19. The nation is responding to the deadly virus in different ways, often by region. For example, New York will require government officials to receive vaccines or undergo weekly COVID-19 tests by Labor Day.

Meanwhile, a Tennessee pastor with an online following called the Delta variant “nonsense” and said he would turn away parishioners if they wear masks. An infectious disease expert debunks his claims – again. The pastor previously called the vaccine “sugar water” and said the pandemic was “fake”.

The European Union has achieved a major goal of giving 70% of adults in the block of 27 nations at least one coronavirus vaccination, a mark Utah failed to achieve. According to the EU, 57% of adults in the whole bloc are now fully vaccinated. The 70% benchmark is an arbitrary target and does not correspond to any scientific immunity benchmark.



  • We will report 430,143 positive cases today. That’s an increase of 843 new cases since yesterday.


  • We’ll report 3,001,472 total vaccines administered, 6,578 more than yesterday.

Laboratory tests:

  • We will report 2,904,382 people tested. This is an increase of 6,834 people tested since yesterday.
  • We will report a total of 5,290,078 tests. This is an increase of 11,602 tests since yesterday.


  • The 7-day rolling average for positive tests is 649 per day.
  • The 7-day rolling average for the percent positivity of “people over people” is 14.4%. The 7-day rolling average for percent positivity for “tests over tests” is 10.2%.

Hospital stays:

  • There are currently 350 people in the hospital with COVID-19. The total number of hospital admissions since the outbreak began is 18,476.


We will report a total of 2,447 deaths, 6 more than yesterday.

  • Female, between 65 and 84, resident of Kane County, hospitalized at death
  • Male, between 65 and 84, residents of Uintah County, hospitalized at the time of death
  • Female, between 45 and 64, resident of Weber County, hospitalized at death
  • Female, aged 65 to 84, resident of Salt Lake County, not hospitalized at death
  • Male, between 65 and 84, residents of Uintah County, not hospitalized at the time of death
  • Female, aged 45 to 64, resident of Salt Lake County, hospitalized at death

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