Lala Kent Wants To Join Real Housewives Of Salt Lake City Cast

Lala Kent continues to try to control the narrative of her chaotic breakup with her ex-fiancé Randall Emmett. She makes the podcast rounds, sells anti-Randall merchandise on her site, and breaks it at every opportunity. But I’m not saying he didn’t deserve it. the Vanderpump rules star also accused Randall of “self-loathing” and buying her a fake engagement ring. Most recently she said of their relationship: “Every day I experience something new that makes me feel [like], ‘Lala You’ve been so disposable all along. You didn’t mean anything. … You were a possession, a shiny object and nothing more. And I have to deal with it. “

but Lala knows that selling vibrators while tailing her ex about his bedroom skills isn’t going to be a meaningful source of income. So she has to go on. She announced that she was going on tour again with her pod. And despite the reference to a vacation from VPR, we know Lala has to stay on TV if she is to make that coin. Apparently she has bigger plans for herself.

As reported by Reality Blurb, Lala The Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast did not come out to discuss their possible future. And that includes an offer to be a real housewife. Said Lala: “I would like to do that [Real Housewives of Salt Lake City]. Take me back to my roots I like [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills]. But I think age is easy [an issue]. You have to think about it, do you have anything in common with these people? Just living in the same area is not like one [commonality]. “

Can someone take a moment to explain? Lala that her age isn’t the biggest problem – she isn’t rich or ambitious enough for these shows. Having a supposedly rich baby daddy doesn’t get you on a show with the likes of Meredith Marks or Kathy Hilton. Can you imagine? There are no BJs for PJs on these franchises. And if so, they certainly wouldn’t talk about it.

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Of course, things get worse. Lala would like to participate RHOBH when they bring Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave back into the mix. She explained that it was “a different story” because Teddi “has a little baby”. Just like Lala. Not even the strong community that Lala believes is possible. Is Anyone Really Interested In Watching Little Babies Be Raised? RHOBH? I do not think so. Lala continued, “If they would say to me, ‘We’d like to put you in this…’ Yes. Because I’m all about my future and what’s going to take me to the next level. ”Babe, you have about 10 steps before the“ next level ”you are referring to.

I think some of Randalls self-inflated ego rubbed off Lala also. On the other hand, didn’t we always know she was like that? But in this case I have to say, housewife producers, please don’t “give them la la”.

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TELL US – DO YOU THINK LALA SHOULD BE IN RHOSCL OR RHOBH? WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR NEXT MOVE? Tired of hearing about their side of the breakup?

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