“Not just high density housing”: Pacificorp teases details on development of massive Rocky Mountain Power property on North Temple

Pacificorp has 100 acres to rehabilitate the North Temple transit corridor. Which comes first, you ask yourself? Photo by Luke Garrott.

Pacificorp has selected a development team to master the master plan of their 100 acre property in the North Temple Corridor in Salt Lake City.

Announcements are on hold pending terms and conditions for the Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) campus at 1407 W. North Temple. These negotiations could last into the autumn.

Although we know little about the companies and terms, Building Salt Lake learned more about the scope of the tender and the sequence of the first development phases on the huge property just a mile west of downtown.

The energy supplier has announced that it wants a new administrative headquarters on the Jordan and is offering its chosen builder a beautiful piece of facade next to the transit station at the North Temple.

New HQ on the river

Jon Cox, vice president of government affairs for Pacificorp, informed the Utah State Fairpark board of directors in June that the first order after the selection of a development partner will be a new main building.

When viewed from the north, the Rocky Mountain Power properties are blue. North Temple, middle red line. Jordan, left. Redwood Road, right. Interstate 80, top center. Antenna courtesy of Google Earth.

The company’s management has identified around 2.4 hectares at the North Temple and the Jordan River as the preferred location – directly east of the company’s current offices. However, there is a City Trailhead and a state liquor store in the way.

While Pacificorp owns the parking lot that serves the jetty and Gadsby Trailhead on Jordan River Parkway, the state of Utah must vacate the location of its liquor and wine store at 1255 W. North Temple.

Cox spoke of increasing access to the Jordan, possibly a park shifting south from N. Temple and open to both the public and staff.

The State Liquor & Wine Store at 1255 W. and the Jordan River and Gadsby Trailhead. Photos by Luke Garrott.

Cox told us in a phone interview that RMP had preliminary talks with the state about the liquor store.

The office workforce would include 150 call center workers relocated from the company’s West Valley City facility, Cox noted.

Across the river to the east is White Ballfield in the state of Utah, which has been identified as a location for future mixed-use development under the Fairpark’s direction.

RMP wants to start construction in 2022 and complete the new office building in 2024.

Proposed location for the new Rocky Mountain Power headquarters. Looking south, north temple, below. State liquor store, white roof, center. Courtesy of Google Earth.

Large projects come to the TRAX power plant at 1500 West

Part of the first phase of the project is also a mixed-use development on the parking lot directly west of the current company headquarters.

When asked “What development?” From the Faripark board of directors, Cox replied: “We want to unlock the value of North Temple with TRAX there … not just high-density apartments.”

In addition to the master planning of the 100-acre property, the selected developer will have exclusive access to the first residential area on the property – directly south of the TRAX Green Line power plant.

This section of the North Temple (on Cornell Street) is being remodeled. Large multi-family and mixed-use settlements are emerging north of the TRAX station.

The city’s redevelopment agency has just demolished the Overnighter Motel at 1500 W. North Temple, opening the door to SPARK !, a Brinshore Development project. Next door, the owner of Diamond Lil has received a demolition permit to advance the apartment project in the former Frontier-themed steakhouse.

The demolition of the Overnighter Motel, the Diamond Lil sign, the view from TRAX and the RMP parking lot where the first mixed-use project of the development will take place. Photos by Luke Garrott.

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