Police investigate Ogden High attack of a student by another student

OGDEN, Utah — Police are investigating a bathroom attack at Ogden High School that involved two students.

Ogden Police Lieutenant Tyler Ziegler says police first heard about the Ogden High attack from students, and that they are in the process of filing charges.

“We’ve been working closely with both the school administration and the Weber County Attorney’s office to assure that the proper steps are taken,” Ziegler said. “Based on the investigation thus far, where we’re at with it, we are moving forward with the filing of charges.”

Ziegler said that assault charges should be officially filed this week.

Perla Gonzalez is the mother of the girl who was attacked. She told KSL that her daughter went to the hospital and has a concussion.

A video shows a girl grabbing another girl’s hair, pulling her to the ground, and kicking her. Gonzales said Mia is recovering physically but, emotionally, is still confused about why she’s been bullied.

A spokesperson for the Ogden School District says disciplinary steps are being taken.

Gonzalez is asking other parents to talk with their kids about bullying, to pay attention to signs that their child might be a victim of bullying, or that their child might be bullying other kids.

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