Salt Lake Chamber: RSG Performance

This is Derek Miller talking about the business. Top companies are increasingly offering wellness programs that focus on improving the lives of their company’s employees. Monnica Manuel, president of RSG Performance, tells us how her company’s continuing education can have a positive impact on companies across Utah.


In April, and then again in July, and again in August, the number of workers who had left their jobs broke all records. Even before this great resignation, as it is called – GALLUP RESEARCH showed us that the withdrawal of employees is already costing US companies 450 billion dollars a year. Forbes magazine tells us that this is 34% of each employee’s annual salary.

This is a wake-up call for owners and managers, and we encourage executives to rethink corporate culture in order to find new ways to make employees “involved, enthusiastic and committed to their work and their workplace”.

Gallup also showed that employees want career development and self improvement – no ping pong tables and free lunches.

RSG Performance uses evidence-based practices built on years of leadership experience to transform you and your leaders into great coaches. You can find out more about our programs at RSGPERFORMANCE.COM.


RSG Performance stands for “‘Ready, set, go performance”. You can stop by their table at the Women & Business Conference, a Salt Lake Chamber event held at the Grand America Hotel on Friday, November 19. I’m Derek Miller, from the Salt Lake Chamber, and I speak for business.

This press release was prepared by the Salt Lake Chamber. The views expressed are the author’s own views.

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