Salt Lake City is named Utah’s most ‘sinful city’

  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Did we just take the title from Las Vegas? Utah’s capital city, Salt Lake City, has been recently revealed as the Beehive state’s most sinful city thanks to a recent study published by WalletHub. The study examined the top 150 most populated cities in the United States, with at least the two most populated cities in each state. Salt Lake City and West Valley City made the list. Even as Utah’s “most sinful city,” Salt Lake City was still average on the list, ranking 93 out of 182 overall in the nation. West Valley City was the fourth lowest on the list, ranking 179. The study was conducted by analyzing each of the “Seven Deadly Sins.” 38 metrics were used across the seven categories of anger and hatred, jealousy, excesses and vices, greed, lust, vanity, and laziness.
  • These metrics included bullying rates, violent crimes, thefts, obesity, DUIs, gambling options, adult entertainment, number of tanning salons, exercise rate, volunteer rate, and high school dropout rate. Salt Lake City and West Valley City scored low in most of these metrics, notably both Utah cities sitting at the bottom of the list for excessive drinking, tied at 180. West Valley continued to score near the bottom of each sin, ranking highest in anger and hatred (122). Salt Lake City wasn’t without its sin, scoring relatively high in jealousy and vanity. The capital ranked 38 in both categories, with WalletHub saying Salt Lake had the most amount of thefts per capita, a metric of jealousy.
  • We hope you join us as we dive into this Hot Topic and so much more on a talkative Tuesday edition of Good Things Utah.

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