Thieves take off twice within days with the contractor’s work trailers

A contractor’s tools and tags were stolen twice in March and April and Ogden Police have no leads. (Matt Rascon, KSL-TV)

OGDEN – A building contractor in northern Utah is unemployed after his trailer full of tools was stolen in Ogden and then back in South Ogden.

“Yeah, it was tough. Really tough,” said Steve Nielson, a contractor who has run his own gutter business for years.

“I’ve been making gutters since I was 22. I’m 66 now,” he said. “And I’ve never had a problem leaving my trailer at work.”

Now, for the first time in his career, he no longer has gutters to keep him going.

“I live off the grid. I can’t afford rent,” he said.

It’s been a tough month for a contractor in Ogden. His gutter company went out of business after his trailer and all of his tools were stolen not once – but twice!

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It started with a job in Ogden in March. Nielson parked his trailer full of tools on site, knowing it would come and go. It’s something he said, “I’ve been doing it all my life, you know. If it’s more than a day job, leave it overnight. It’s just easier.”

But on this job he returned and found that the trailer was missing.

“I thought it was a good neighborhood,” he said.

Nielson said the gutter machine replacement alone will cost about $ 10,000. And he cannot work without his trailer and his tools. But Nielson got up. He picked up his savings and bought another trailer and all the tools he needed to keep going.

“Just an honest guy trying to make a living.”

His next job was nearby in April. This time he parked his new trailer at his ex-wife’s house in South Ogden, about a mile from the first incident. And he made sure it was locked.

“Oh yeah, lock both doors and the tow bar and that didn’t stop it,” he said. “Whole thing! Followers, everything, ladders, everything. Again.”

He returned that morning and found that his trailer and all of his tools were missing again. And now he was really at a loss.

“As if I was badly injured. Just taken everything from me. Just feel it makes me sick, ”he said.

Now, with no savings, no gutters and pouring rain, Nielson is looking for work that is difficult at his age and hoping he can find a way to get up again.

“Pick yourself up and start all over again; already done, try again.”

Ogden Police confirmed that Nielson had filed police reports in Ogden and South Ogden, but said there was no evidence.


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