Utah lawmakers consider stricter closing rules for schools

Closing schools entirely during a virus outbreak would be much more difficult if a new proposal were approved by Utah lawmakers.

Senate Bill 107 was originally intended to reopen schools in Salt Lake City, but has since taken on an entirely new form.

This bill has been amended to include personal learning requirements across the country.

Initially, students who had changed schools could receive financial support to have an option to attend classes. At the time, the Salt Lake City School District only offered a virtual learning experience.

The law requires all school districts to offer a personal option while introducing stricter graduation procedures.

For example, when a school crosses a certain threshold for coronavirus cases, it uses a test-to-stay program that allows students to stay in person if they test negative.

Higher education would also need to have in-person the majority of the classes offered prior to the pandemic.

The House passed this bill and is now going to the Senate.

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