Utah State Park is one of the best for visiting and escaping crowds

VERNAL, Utah (ABC4) – A Utah state park was just rated as one of the best places to visit and escape the crowds.

According to the 2021 State Park Index, courtesy of HomeToGo, parks across America have been reviewed for adventure travelers and solitude seekers. Park size, annual visitors, wildlife, activities and affordable accommodation were rated to create the ranking.

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HomeToGo, a vacation rental search engine, compared state parks across the country to find the best options for travelers to dig deep and adventure.

Red Fleet State Park, near Vernal, was ranked second best park. The park gives you the chance to hike 200 million year old dinosaur tracks in the heart of Dinosaurland.

“With a 750-acre reservoir and a fossil trail of dinosaur footprints, this area is Utah’s best-kept secret,” says HomeToGo. “Natural history fans will be amazed to see footprints up to 17 inches while enjoying breathtaking views of the Unita Mountains.”

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Here’s a look at the 21 state parks to dodge the crowds:

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  1. Custer State Park, SD
  2. Red Fleet State Park, UT
  3. Governor Dodge State Park, WI
  4. Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA
  5. Fontainebleau State Park, LA
  6. Wilderness State Park, MI
  7. Garner State Park, TX
  8. Red Top Mountain State Park, GA
  9. Silver Falls State Park, OR
  10. Hayes Lake State Park, MN
  11. Brazos Bend State Park, TX
  12. Kickapoo Cavern State Park, TX
  13. Baxter State Park, ME
  14. High Point State Park, NJ
  15. Caddo Lake State Park, TX
  16. Blue Spring State Park, FL
  17. Pilot Mountain State Park, NC
  18. Sky Meadows State Park, VA
  19. Calaveras Big Trees State Park, California
  20. Bear Mountain State Park, NY
  21. Vogel State Park, GA

The Bureau of Land Management recently announced the opening of the newly built Red Fleet Downhill Flow Trail, which offers a one-of-a-kind mountain biking experience. The trail network is located 12 miles outside of Vernal and includes four trails that are part of a larger, more complex series of trails north of Red Fleet State Park.

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Dinosaur National Monument, not far from Red Fleet State Park, offers visitors the chance to discover hundreds of dinosaur bones and fossils.

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