Woman rescued after getting stuck in waist-deep mud near Utah Lake

PROVO, Utah – A woman who was stuck in deep mud near the shore of Lake Utah for about two hours was rescued Sunday evening.

The 19-year-old was in a boat with her father in the Provo Bay area when the watercraft got stuck in shallow water about 3/4 mile from shore. Utah County’s Sheriff Sgt. Spencer Cannon said the water there was only inches deep and very muddy.

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Area where the rescue took place

She got out and tried to push the boat free, but got stuck. At around 5:30 p.m. the police received the call for help

The woman sank up to her waist in the soft, deep mud. She was trapped for almost two hours before search and rescue volunteers at the sheriff’s office managed to get her out.

Cannon told FOX 13 that the sheriff’s office has carried out a number of rescue operations in the area over the years. The location is near a boat access area on Mud Lane, a dirt road that runs south along I-15.


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These operations often turn out to be very difficult, sometimes complicated by tall reeds that can be up to 2.40 meters high. The reeds make it difficult to find the people to be rescued, even if they have a GPS location.

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The rescue workers must also avoid getting stuck themselves. Cannon says the department has an airboat and another specialized watercraft called a “Mud Buddy” to get into areas with extremely shallow water.

Once they have found and reached the person (s), the SAR crew are still faced with the difficult task of breaking and lifting the suction of the mud – while avoiding injuries such as dislocations or strains.

It is not yet known whether the 19-year-old was injured.

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