A third of Southwest Flights canceled from Salt Lake City Monday

SALT LAKE CITY – A third of Southwest Airlines flights departing Salt Lake City on Monday have been canceled, according to real-time flight tracking website FlightAware.

A Southwest Airlines spokesman confirmed to KSL NewsRadio that 33 Southwest flights were scheduled at Salt Lake International Airport on Monday.

On Monday afternoon, Flight Aware announced that a total of 13 flights at Salt Lake Airport had been canceled today, 11 of them by Southwest Airlines.

The Southwest spokesman did not confirm these numbers but told KSL Newsradio, “Usually FlightAware is pretty accurate”.

“On Friday evening, the airline ended the day with numerous cancellations, mainly caused by weather and other external constraints, and aircraft and crews no longer pre-planning to carry out our flight schedule on Saturday,” said a statement from Southwest.

“Unfortunately, the misplaced aircraft and the ongoing strain on our crew resources led to additional cancellations in our point-to-point network, which cascaded over the weekend into Monday.”

Southwest said there is less disruption today as the work continues to “restore stability to the network.”

Cancellations began Friday after pilots went to court to end the airline’s vaccine mandate. However, officials said the cancellations were not accompanied by a protest.

“The operational challenges were not the result of demonstrations by Southwest Employees, as some branches report,” the statement said.

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