Help us fight to keep our boy SAFE!

Hi, my name is Alicia and this is my bonus son Dylon. I am fundraising for my fiancé Mike Green (Michael) in hopes we can obtain a lawyer to give his sweet boy a safer home.

We live in Vernal, Utah. I have 2 sons and he has one, together we have 3 sons, under 4.

Mike drives 2 &1/2 hrs away to pick up his son at the PD in Heber Utah.

Mike has been representing himself in the family court system for 3yrs now. This has been very challenging without guidance of proper documents. I am staying at home mom, Mike works full time and is studying for school.

He has looked into legal aid, but he makes too much to qualify for help, but not enough to get help.

These past few years have been heart breaking watching his son be traumatized. He has done everything, filed police reports, ER visits, DCFS reports, court paperwork but most importantly had to help his son cope with all these events in his life that he couldn’t prevent for him.

His ex wife and her family have advised us during child exchanges. They have abused Dylon in their home anywhere from neglecting his medical, emotional, physical well being. When the abuse stopped on Mike & I, it started up on Dylon. Now that Dylon is of the age he has been speaking about what is happening and how it makes him feel. This is extremely painful to hear and we just want it to stop!

In all his efforts with petitioning the courts they have gone unnoticed. We would greatly appreciate any help in raising enough funds to have Mike represented for his sons future and safety well being.

OUR GOAL: Raise 4,000 for a retainer for lawyer by August 2023. We are so greatful for taking the time to listen to our family’s story.

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