Letter: Shame on US leaders’ irresponsible behavior | News, Sports, Jobs

In March 2020, a top leader made what I consider to be inciting remarks naming specific Supreme Court Justices, and stating they (the Justices) would pay the price. I thought at that time, “Shame on you! If anyone gets hurt, you have accountability with your statements.”

Jan 2021, I watched the President of the United States sitting behind bullet proof glass with a raised fist, and thought, “shame on you”! Also feeling there should be accountability, for all who thought that was a positive way to lead a country.

May the public hearing, which excludes bi-partisan participation — not waste our time and money with their theatrics, as recent hearings did.

I am also wondering when the ‘minor incursion’ is coming to an end! There is a global threat!

I would like to see reasonable people lead in all leadership positions.

Hope Welch

North Salt Lake


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