The local ice rink celebrates National Skate Month

Video by Katie Ann Powell

Put on your helmet and knee pads and lace up your roller skates because October is National Skate Month and a local ice skating club in Orem is celebrating the occasion.

On Friday night, roller skating and blading fans flocked to Classic Skating for $ 1 Skate Night to open National Skate Month.

“I love skating, I probably come three or four times a week. I love it because for me it’s a family outside of my normal family, ”advanced skater Brittley said Ashcroft.

In October, Classic Skating celebrates National Skating Month in Orem.

“Skating is such a culture here. I would describe it like high school when you and your friends have a hangout at Classic is like the place. Anyone can come, ”said Anne Lincoln, member of the Classic Skating marketing team.

Over the next month, skaters and bladers alike will try their new tricks on the ice rink.

“I don’t know a lot of tricks, I just like to go backwards, just dance around. The jam line is pretty fun, but it’s … I like going slower so I like my own little jam line inside, ”said roller skater Kade Earls.

“Right now, though, my biggest trick is probably turning around and doing full 360s. So that’s a lot of fun, ”said Ashcroft.

Tricks and turns are always risky on skates, but a fall isn’t always bad.

“Honestly, wiping out is a good indicator that you’re trying new things, that you’re pushing yourself,” said Ashcroft.

Classic Skating welcomes skaters of all levels, from beginners to experts.

“When I moved to Provo I was kind of bored and figured I’d try roller skates on a whim,” Earls said.

Not only does skating bring people of all abilities together, it also has great health benefits. The American Heart Association said that skating is one of the best exercises for heart health.

Even if you missed the $ 1 Skate Night, head to Classic Skating for the whole month of October for a milkshake on Thursdays and a skate night for Thirsty Thursdays, Friday evenings with Flashback Friday or disco Saturdays.

Individuals can also snap a picture of them roller skating this month and post it with #rollerskatingmonth to watch for National Skate Month.

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