Eight fires remain active across Utah

Provo grass fire reached three houses before being extinguished.

(Iron County Sheriff’s Office) A picture of the Flatt Fire near Enterprise that forced evacuations on Friday June 18, 2021. As of Wednesday June 23, that fire was 70% contained after burning 14,379 acres.

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A Provo grass fire hit three homes on Wednesday before being extinguished, but eight fires remain active across the state.

Provo Fire & Rescue tweeted that the grass fire was started by sparks from a lawn mower hitting a rock. FOX 13 reported that homes in the area along Palisades Drive were evacuated before the flames were extinguished.

Two fires, the Mammoth Fire near St. George and the MM17 Fire near Levan, totaled nearly 850 acres and were recently extinguished.

The National Wildland Preparedness Level of the National Interagency Fire Center, which measures national forest fires and secures resources for suppression, was raised to Level 4 – the second earliest value since 1990. Level 4 was reached on June 10, 2002.

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, this tier includes “three or more geographic areas where large, complex forest fires occur that require IMTs (Incident Management Teams),” with areas competing for fire extinguishing resources and about 60 percent of the country’s forest fire-fighting forces joining in have committed incidents.

According to the Wednesday update from the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, there were 66 fires in Utah last week, with a total of 422 forest fires for the year. Approximately 57,245 acres have been burned so far this fire season, and 23,000 of those acres have been burned by human ignition – with 88% of the forest fires that year being man-made.

The Flatt Fire, which erupted in Iron County on June 18 due to a lightning strike and caused evacuations in Enterprise, is 70% contained after burning 14,379 acres. Tooele County’s Morgan Canyon Fire, which was caused by a plane crash that killed two people, sits on 459 acres without containment, and all roads, trails, and trailheads are on National Forest System land in Stansbury Mountain Ridge blocked. Fire department managers will post a community update on the Morgan Canyon Fire on Thursday at 7 p.m.

The Bennion Creek Fire in Utah County and the Bear Fire in Carbon County have 94% and 93% containment, respectively, according to the Utah Fire Info. The Bennion Creek Fire burned 8,313 acres and closed Bennion Ridge Road, Bear Ridge Road, Starvation Road, and Fish Creek Trail for the safety of firefighters. The Bear Fire occupies 12,170 acres and is in “mop-up and patrol status”.

The Uintah County’s horsecorn fire caused by lightning was located on 662 acres and 45% containment, according to the latest update from the Bureau of Indian Affairs Forestry and Wildland Fire Uintah & Ouray Agency.

The Sego fire in Grand County, also caused by lightning, is on 85 acres with no containment. The fire at Deer Springs, Kane County, also without containment, is estimated at 223 acres.

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