If you love the outdoors in Utah, a pickup truck is the best bet for almost any activity

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For the past several decades, trucks have been among the best-selling large-capacity vehicles in America, but also some of the best-selling vehicles. Ram, Silverado, and the long-term sales favorite, the Ford F-150, were all the top three sellers in the nation, and that trend doesn’t seem to be slowing – especially in Utah.

Today’s trucks are so versatile, offering the luxury, comfort, technology, performance, and space you could want in any vehicle – not to mention a truck. They’re a compelling choice for a ride that has it all, with the family in tow, be it running to the store, the kids’ soccer training session, or a secluded hike with the family deep into the hinterland. Trucks also offer the safety of a larger vehicle that can navigate all types of weather and terrain more easily than other vehicles.

If you love the outdoors in Utah, here are five reasons your next vehicle should be an iDrive Utah Trucks truck.


When the pandemic broke out, many families across the country chose to isolate themselves in the great outdoors rather than confining themselves to a bedroom. According to the Associated Press, the number of campers rose by nearly 8 million in 2020. Although data for 2021 is not yet available, the trend appears to be continuing.

Camping has always been popular in Utah and there are plenty of campsites alongside paved roads that can be accessed by any vehicle. But even if you don’t want to leave the tarmac road, a pickup truck comes in handy if you want to transport tents, sleeping bags and all the other equipment you need for pleasant days and nights outdoors.

And if you prefer the comfort of a caravan, you can’t pull it with the family minivan.

If you love the outdoors in Utah, a pickup truck is the best bet for almost any activity Photo: I drive Utah


If you go hunting, there is no question that a truck will meet your needs far better than any other vehicle.

When, after 20 years of applying, you finally get to draw the deer shield with limited entry to the Book Cliffs, you won’t want to trust your success any less. A four-wheel drive truck with good ground clearance will get you there and back with all your gear.

Perhaps your favorite activity is duck and geese hunting in the Utah swamps and wetlands. Pulling three dozen decoys, blinds, waders, coats, and more practically requires the cargo space available in a full-size pickup truck. And if the family lab is also your hunting partner, you will appreciate it on the way home in a dog crate on the back of a truck when it smells of swamp and wet dog.


It’s probably no surprise that some of Utah’s best, most scenic fishing spots are in remote locations. Whether you are looking for large creeks in the boulders or grayling in the high unitas, a large clearance truck is a better vehicle option than a family minivan.

But maybe the backcountry isn’t your thing. You might prefer to hunt strippers in Lake Powell, trophy lake trout in Flaming Gorge, or cutthroats in Strawberry. In that case, you probably want to use a boat rather than pull it with a hybrid sedan.

If you love the outdoors in Utah, a pickup truck is the best bet for almost any activity Photo: I drive Utah


Some of the trails in Utah are more popular and crowded than ever, and there is nothing to suggest that this will change. Fortunately, there are plenty of lovely places to hike here where, with a little effort, you can enjoy pristine views without taking a shuttle or waiting in line.

It will be to your advantage to have a truck that will take you every route and away from the most popular spots. With an iDrive truck, you can do just that.

iDrive Utah Trucks goes to great lengths to ensure that its trucks are the best performing (and best looking) trucks in the Utah market, and is adding new tires and body kits to a large part of its inventory. With one of their trucks, it has never been easier to get to your destination in the backcountry.

Skiing and snowboarding

Nobody wants to mess around with tricky roof racks and straps, especially when it’s freezing outside, which is why a truck is the best option for skiers and snowboarders.

Ready for the day? Just pull off your skis, toss them in your cargo bed, get into your heated seat, grab the heated steering wheel and head home. Uncomplicated, no frozen fingers and no scratching on the vehicle roof: if you have a truck for skiing, you don’t want anything else.

If you love the outdoors in Utah, a pickup truck is the best bet for almost any activity Photo: I drive Utah

Explore Utah with the family

If the family is looking to travel to some of the more remote, scenic areas of Utah, a truck is the best option. The trucks at iDrive not only have excellent all-wheel drive and excellent ground clearance, double cabs are also among the most spacious vehicles in the world and offer space for five to six adults – and all their equipment – comfortably, even for long car journeys.

The occupants in the rear feel stylish at the peak of luxury. Even with their legs outstretched, most passengers will find that they have plenty of room and feel comfortable for hours as you travel to some of your favorite spots in upstate Utah.

Whatever your reason for spending time in upstate Utah, an iDrive Utah Trucks truck is just what you need to make the experience even better. Visit their website today to view their extensive current inventory.


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